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We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

New LOOP® Connectors - Performance Soft Shackles

Kohlhoff loop connector - soft shackle_1

New for 2017, the Kohlhoff LOOP® Connectors provide a durable, strong, super-lightweight soft shackle which is perfect for splicing onto sheets or halyards. 

Top-down adapters: maximise the value of your furling unit

Structural furler and code sail Karver2.jpg
You have a 39 footer and are interested in using the same furling unit for both your code zero and asymmetric spinnaker. We take a look at the furling unit options and discuss the available torsional cables depending on your sailing style and budget.

Is it worth paying the money for better running rigging?


What is the cost vs. benefit trade-off for running rigging options on a 25 ft sailing boat? We take a look at three running rigging specs, from budget to full performance racing, and investigate whether the increase in cost is justified by the performance benefits.

Discount prices on Tylaska hardware


 Tylaska have an impressive reputation. Their name is synonymous with the best snap shackles on the market.

J70 Running Rigging


Upffront.com has supplied many running rigging packages for top level J70 campaigns. Find out what is currently "hot" when it comes to driving the best performance out of these exciting sports boats.

Introduction to Core Fibres in Modern Ropes

Gottifredi Maffioli running rigging and rigging supplies

There are many core materials used in rope making (e.g. Vectran®, PBO, polypropylene, hemp, nylon etc) but the vast majority of modern ropes are based on a polyester, or increasingly, a Dyneema® core. Get a basic introduction to the benefits and weaknesses of these two primary core fibres.

Basic Running Rigging Terminology

gottifredi maffioli running rigging and rigging supplies

If you are looking at upgrading your running rigging, before you delve into the manufacturers catalogues there are a few key terms you need to understand.

Running Rigging Selection - Where to start?

gottifredi maffioli running rigging and rigging supplies

There are so many great performance ropes to choose from...... but where to start? Based on your sailing level/style, understand some of the basic principles so you know what you are looking for. 

Product comparison: Top-down furling system for 42ft cruising boat


You have a 42ft cruising boat and you are looking for options for a top-down furling system (for free-flying downwind asymmetric sails). We take a quick look at your main furling unit and cable choices in this size range.

World exclusive: Introducing the MORPH Block


Upffront.com is very pleased to introduce the MORF Block from G-Yacht Design - the lightweight, flexible, strong, all-purpose modular block system.