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We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

What is a Top-Down Adapter?

Karver KJ Jammer

Reefing Your Mainsail: Are you onboard with reef hooks?

Soft solutions vs. Tylaska’s Snap Shackle – Which comes out on top?

Composite Backstays: Your Quick Fix for Maximum Performance

Ino–Rope Update: The Latest in Textile Block Performance

Cleats, Clutches and Jammers – What’s the difference?

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A Beginners Guide to Cam Cleats

Guest Blog - Furling Your Mainsail

Measuring a Torsional Cable: Tackle Luff Length Troubles

nke Marine Electronics – Do I need the Man Overboard (M.O.B.) Module?

What Information is Required to Specify the Correct Genoa Furling System?

Electric Bowsprit Furler - Brand-New from Bamar

Furling Drum Locks - to lock, or not to lock?

Dyneema® Braided Cover: The Latest Addition to Your Tool Kit

Lash Thimbles – What are they, and how do I use them?

nke Marine Electronics – Do I really need Wi-Fi?

How do I rig the bobstay on my Trogear bowsprit?

Millionaires Tape’ – What is it?!

Fresh In: Tiller Extensions!

How do I find the manufacture date and version number of my Andersen Winch?

Would you trust Dyneema® with your lifelines?

Torsional Furling Rope – What’s an S-Splice!?

PROtect Tapes Take on Regatta Plastic Pollution

Guest Blog - The Ups and Downs of Top-down Furling

Ubi Maior Italia: The Unique Jiber Furling System

Guest Blog - Why and When You Need a Code Zero

Measuring Your Boat for a New Torsional Cable

Loop Products: An Introduction

Guest Blog - Main Halyard Locks

A Guide to Mooring Lines

Transform Your Sailing with the Velocitek Speedpuck Speedometer

Cousin Trestec Constrictor – A Textile Rope Clutch!?

Soft Padeyes – Light, Strong and Versatile

Reducing Weight Aloft with Composite Backstays

nke Marine Electronics: Introducing the ‘Cruise’ Instrument Package

FSE Robline Rope for Sale: Dinghy Ranges

Guest Post - Furling Halyard Locks

Brand New Bamar Furling

FSE Robline Rope for Sale

Explore the Spinlock Rope Clutch Range: XAS, XTS and XCS

Make Waves with nke Marine Electronics

Guest Post - 39BEN: High Performance, Low Hassle Family Cruising

Facnor LS/LX/RX - New in: Genoa Sail Furling

Bluewater Cruising Rig - Cutter vs. Solent (Part 2)

Bluewater Cruising - Cutter Rig vs. Solent Rig (Part 1)

Guest Post- Internal Halyard locks

The Evolution of the Morf Block: Product Update

Fresh In: Facnor FlatDeck Genoa Furling System

Looking at a code zero? You need a Trogear Bowsprit

Pontos Winches get ‘Karverized’ - Part 2

Choosing the right code 0 or gennaker furler

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Wire vs Composite Structural Furling Forestays

Guest Post- Internal vs. External Halyard Locks

Which Winch?

Discount prices on Tylaska hardware

Velocitek Prism

Lengths of Sheets and Halyards

Guest Post- What is the perfect sail wardrobe for blue-water cruising?

Guest Post- Nick Black takes stock of Halyard Locks

Pontos Winches get ‘Karverized’

Up Your Game with the Velocitek ProStart

Basic Rope Maintenance

Structural Furling Forestays

Choosing the right winch!

The Difference between Plain, Ball and Roller Bearings

Winch service made easy!

Ronstan Core Block Range

Sailing Blocks- Basic Glossary

Help us help you! A message to our readers

Upffront presents DAME nominated products at METS

What is a sailing dogbone?

Introduction To Winches

Getting to Grips with Winch Handles!

New LOOP® Connectors - Performance Soft Shackles

Top-down adapters: maximise the value of your furling unit

Is it worth paying the money for better running rigging?

J70 Running Rigging

Introduction to Core Fibres in Modern Ropes

Basic Running Rigging Terminology

Running Rigging Selection - Where to start?

Product comparison: Top-down furling system for 42ft cruising boat

World exclusive: Introducing the MORF Block

Which top-down furler do I choose for my 25' sports boat?

Introducing the LOOP® Products E-Furler

Furling system: options & accessories

DrSails® emergency epoxy adhesive

Top-down and Bottom-up furling units - Differences and Options

Top-down vs Bottom-up furling - whats the difference?

PROtect Tapes - Introduction

Soft shackles are a win-win

Tips & Tricks - Technical Product Filters

Continuous Furling Lines

Top-down furling vs bottom-up furling cable specs: what to look out for

Karver's new 3:1 Friction Sheave

Harken or Tuff Luff Headfoils?

Performance dinghy lines explained