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Published Date: September 15 2021

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It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the cool gadgets that Antal manufacture. These are often the subject of our blogs – previously, we’ve delved into the Antal Roller Cleat, the Antal Soft Loop Hook and the Antal Electric Winch Range, to name a few.


This time, we’re taking a look at the Antal Barber Block – a tough, well-designed block created specifically for barber-hauler applications or code zero tweaker systems.


Intuitive EngineeringAntal Barber Block


The Antal Barber Block combines a ball bearing snatch block with a ‘low friction ring head’. This smooth radius friction eye at the lower end allows for a simple 2:1 control line, which allows the height of the block to be controlled.


In addition to the 2:1 friction sheave, there is also a small becket for attaching a small line to hang the block, to keep it off the deck.


The sheave is manufactured from sturdy aluminium, with a composite fibre bushing and two side ball bearings, to handle off-axis loads.




  • Easily Attached
    To facilitate easy attachment to a loaded sheet, the side plates of the Antal Barber Block are designed to swivel, revolving around the sheave axel which allows the block to open, so that it can easily be added to or removed from the sheet without re-threading the end.

  • Safety Lock
    To prevent the block from accidentally opening, a safety ball has been fitted and an adjustable screw can set the ball in a fully locked position.

  • No Deck Damage
    The block also features rubber covers to protect the hull/deck if the block is being bashed around on a lazy sheet.


  • Long Lasting
    Impeccable manufacturing and quality materials ensure this block will be long-lasting and durable onboard.


Featuring a built-in 2:1 friction sheave and swivelling side plates for easy attachment to the sheet, the Antal Barber Block is a well-engineered all-in solution for a sleek and capable barber hauler system. 


If you have any questions about the Antal Barber Block, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Otherwise, get more detailed information on the Antal Barber Block range by clicking the link below. 


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