Antal Soft Loop Hook – Light, Simple Line Control

Published Date: May 28 2021

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Italian marine hardware manufacturer, Antal, have been creating sailing solutions since 1977 and have designed a wide range of sailing hardware to suit race boats and cruisers. Their Soft Loop Hook is a lightweight, flexible, simple to use device for adjusting genoa or spinnaker sheet leads.

Sheet barberhauler on sailboat


In 2008 Antal created their versatile low friction anodised aluminium rings. These lightweight rings are low maintenance and allow lines to run smoothly through them without damaging the fibres of the rope.


They can be used for a variety of purposes but are often used for line control systems.  Sheets can be led through the ring which is attached to one or more lines which can be used to adjust the sheet lead angle in several planes. These are fixed adjustment systems but there are always situations onboard when an outboard, or alternative sheeting angle is required and the traditional solution is the "old faithful" snatch block attached to the guardrail with a snap shackle.


There are two important elements required for this essential piece of sailing equipment: flexible attachment solution plus the ability to clip onto a loaded line.


At the same time as low friction rings have been replacing blocks in many applications, Dyneema® loops / shackles have become increasingly popular as a flexible, robust and durable multi-purpose connector. A Simple Dyneema® loop with a dogbone can be used to replace most steel shackles onboard. They are secure under load but can be quickly and easily released. These lightweight connectors are extremely strong, but soft, which means they do not damage surfaces and make zero noise.


The Antal Soft Loop Hook is essentially a modern, lightweight snatch block which is rapidly becoming a "must have", flexible piece of kit for outboard sheet leads or any other temporary line lead.


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Antal have combined the strength and flexibility of the Dyneema@ shackle with an ingenious horseshoe shaped low friction ring to redefine the snatch block for the 21st century. The Dyneema® loop takes the full load and the hard anodised ring acts in compression to reduce friction on the loaded line. The Soft Loop Hook uses a spring loaded clip to prevent the line flicking out and the horseshoe is attached to the Dyneema® shackle, on both sides, to keep it secure, but also allow for complete dismantling and easy maintenance.



Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 1.54.17 pm



The Antal Soft Loop Hook comes in two sizes.


Size Total Length (mm) SWL (kg) NBL (kg) Weight (g) 

Antal soft loop hook 12

129 1500 4500 80

Antal soft loop hook 16

164 2200 6600 130


With their Soft Loop Hook, Antal have taken the strengths of two of their most popular soft connections and built a safer, durable, flexible connector.

Click here to view the Antal Soft Loop Hook.


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