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Ronstan Battlestick

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Ronstan is an Australian born company who has developed hardware for both small and big boats since 1953. In this blog we will look at their extensive range of tiller extensions which have become a brand in their own right: the Ronstan Battlestick.


Ronstan Battlesticks is the self-professed ‘next generation of sailing weaponry’. However, they have been on the market for many years and their comprehensive range is split into 3 general groups, with a clear focus which is on dinghies and sports boats.


· Fixed length Alloy

· Fixed length Carbon

· Telescopic Alloy


Both Fixed length ranges have the same x6 lengths ranging from 610mm – 2500mm. Ronstan are one of the few manufacturers who have a fixed length tiller extension at this 2500mm length, but it is perfect for catamarans and monohull dinghies where the helm is out on the wire e.g. Skiffs, Nacra 17, 49er, Tornado and A-Class cats.


The Carbon tiller extensions are a more recent addition to the original alloy range. One of the biggest selling points for the Ronstan Battlestick alloy range is its high quality, unique, fluted tube profile. This gives it exceptional strength to weight, and Battlesticks are renowned for their durability which is the main reason why they are the go-to product for many OEM dinghy manufacturers.




However, as more competition came into the market from other manufacturers, the durability of the alloy Battlestick does come with a small weight penalty. Therefore the Carbon Battlesticks were introduced, to provide customers with an all-out performance racing solution.


We can see this by comparing the Ronstan Battlestick technical data with another well-known fixed length tiller extension.


Description Length (mm) Tube Diameter (mm) Weight (g)
Ronstan Alloy 1250 16 260
Harken Alloy 1220 16 203
Ronstan Carbon 1255 24 179
Ronstan Telescopic 740-1210 16+20 285


The increased tube diameter in the carbon tiller extension is required to deliver the necessary tube stiffness and strength, over its length.


Interestingly, the Evalon® Grip on the Alloy Battlesticks is deliberately set at 25mm to contrast ergonomically with the mainsheet diameter to relieve hand fatigue. On the carbon version, both to reduce weight and achieve the correct Grip diameter they use an ultra-thin, lightweight grip which results in a similar grip diameter to the alloy Battlesticks but achieves an all-up weight approx. 30% lighter.


The 2500mm Carbon Battlestick is supplied without grip or end-cap to allow customers to cut and finish the tube to a custom length.


The Telescopic alloy Battlestick range come in 4 sizes with the smallest having a min/max length of 740-1120 mm and the largest 1530-2490mm.


Ronstan telescopic battlestick


Having a telescopic tiller extension provides the helm with far more flexibility between light air and heavy air conditions and a variety of grip options are available (inboard, outboard, split) to suit personal preferences.


All Ronstan Battlesticks feature a safety end-knob for positive hand positioning.



Regardless of what type of dinghy or sports boat you have and whether you are looking to maximise performance or reliability, Ronstan has a Battlestick to suit your needs.


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