New arrival - The Baby Karver Furler ; KF 0.9

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“Sailing faster or with less effort is often limited due to poor equipment ”- Marin Clausin: Karver CEO. Reputed for their innovation, the French sailing hardware manufacturer has added a new product to their furler family. Years of experience in offshore racing and cruising equipment has been brought together into this innovative “baby Karver furler”, the KF0.9”.

What is a KF furler?


This is a range of light, removable continuous line furlers that can be used to quickly and efficiently deploy / furl code zero’s, asymmetrics or staysails on your sailboat.


The Karver KF 0.9

Launched this year, it is the smallest furler manufactured by Karver. With a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 900kg, it is suitable for small cruisers and sports boats up to a maximum of 30 ft.


Features and benefits

The drum has a lightweight (348g), reinforced composite, impact resistant, shell which is durable and kind to deck and fittings.

Quick and simple continuous line installation and removal requiring no tools

Captive fast pins on both drum and swivel means fast and secure connection of the cable/sail without the risk of losing pins.


The above features are standard across the KF range, however a unique feature on the Baby KF0.9 is the innovative combined snap shackle and 2:1 fitting on the bottom of the drum.


With most drums you have to make a choice whether to physically clip the drum to a deck fitting or use a 2:1 purchase system which allows the crew to easily adjust luff tension, and therefore the flying shape of the sail. Different hardware is required depending on which route you chose to go down.


However, with the baby KF0.9 the snap shackle fitting has been cleverly designed to allow it to be used as a 2:1 fitting which keeps all your options open – straight out of the box!


Compared to the other mainstream continuous line furler brands, Karver has now filled an obvious gap in their product line. However, the advantage is that the baby KF0.9 is packed full of the latest tech and stands out of the crowd.

Considering a furler for your <30ft sailboat? Checkout the Karver KF0.9 here or contact us regarding any furling system related questions

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