nke Marine Electronics – Do I need the Man Overboard (M.O.B.) Module?

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nke Marine Electronics Man Overboard Class 40


As the trend for performance enhancing marine electronics continues to grow, here at upffront.com we have decided to make things simple for our customers: we’ve crafted six, turn-key, nke autopilot and navigation packages, which are suitable for both racers and cruisers of all levels (including grand prix!).


In a previous blog, we delved into the packages on offer (with an in-depth analysis of our midline cruising package ‘Cruise’ available here), but in this blog series we will be exploring the range of optional bolt-on modules, which are available in addition to the navigation and autopilot equipment.


In our last blog we tackled hand-held navigation devices on a Wi-Fi system, so now it’s the turn of the nke M.O.B. module – what is it, and what are the advantages of adding it to your marine electronics system?


The nke M.O.B. (Man-Over-Board) module is a crucial safety device for those onboard.nke Marine Electronics Man Overboard

Dedicated to the welfare of your crew, the nke M.O.B. module is a small, portable transmitter that automatically detects when a crew member goes overboard, triggering the audible M.O.B. alarm system on your boat and immediately warning the rest of the crew.


In addition, to facilitate a safe rescue, the fully waterproof M.O.B. module then transmits the bearing and distance to the M.O.B., guiding your boat back to the precise location for swift and easy recovery of the crew member.


Although optimised for easy set up and synchronisation with nke processors, the nke M.O.B. module can be used with all systems - whether it is nke or not – and each installation can handle up to 8 transmitters.


The transmitters are also constantly sending their ID code to the system, so in case of a battery or other system failure, you are immediately warned of a problem… there is no need to jump in to check it works!

But is it vital that I add this to my marine electronics system?


Over at upffront.com, we believe your crew’s safety is paramount.


Light and simple, we’d suggest every crew member have one around their neck (or in their pocket!) at all times - and we’d particularly stress this for children, in rough weather or for sailing at night when visibility is reduced.


Want piece of mind for your crew? View the M.O.B. module here, or get in touch with us using our marine electronics enquiry form below!

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