Soft solutions vs. Tylaska’s Snap Shackle – Which comes out on top?

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Tylaska Snap Shackle

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Here at, it’s no secret that we favour soft solutions. Although this has sometimes been controversial – would you trust Dyneema®with your lifelines? – when it comes to soft connectors, we couldn’t be more onboard.

Tylaska Snap Shackle T30
Tylaska Snap Shackle
Tylaska Snap Shackle T30 Released
Tylaska Snap Shackle - Released 
Tylaska Snap Shackle T30 with Fid
Tylaska Snap Shackle - Released with Fid


Why? It’s simple. Soft connectors have tonnes of benefits: generally lighter, stronger and more durable than their metal counterparts, soft connectors require zero maintenance (they’re corrosion free!) and are kinder to your deck, mast and other fittings.

However, we’re going to let you into an upffront secret… there is one metal snap shackle that we think just keeps proving itself time and time again!


The Tylaska Snap Shackle is internationally renowned. Based in Connecticut, Tylaska Marine & Aerospace have earned the respect of professional sailors, racers and cruisers worldwide for their impressive snap shackle range, which has become the benchmark for quality and functionality.


With a design built around physics, Tylaska’s snap shackle is produced from high grade, forged stainless-steel using manufacturing processes normally reserved for spacecraft parts. The shackle is then super polished by hand for maximum corrosion resistance, and the smooth surface ensures the shackle does not snag on sails.


As a result of the manufacturing process, the Tylaska snap shackle has an incredible strength to weight ratio; despite its compact size, the shackle’s impressive breaking strength makes light of even the toughest racing conditions.


The Tylaska Snap Shackle is also easy to open and close. The patented release mechanism is reinforced - ensuring durability, adding strength and resisting wear – and remains securely locked until it is released.


To release, use the shackle’s contoured finger hole to release the trigger when there is little or no load. To release under high load, it is advised to instead use a ‘fid’ or ‘spike’, to ensure your fingers don’t get hurt!


The ergonomic shape of the shackle allows for easy, one-handed open and closing, and the shackle’s swivel eye allows rotation which help the shackle align to the load.

The strength and ease of operation of the Tylaska Snap Shackle provides a number of benefits and makes it perfect for a range of applications:

  • Tripping the gennaker or code zero tackline
  • Releasing the spinnaker guy
  • Faster sail changing on the foredeck – make life on the foredeck easier, by quickly snapping a tack shackle on without fiddling about with a soft connection (advantageous when weather is bad and in high winds!)
  • Inshore racing - the speed and ease of a Tylaska can outweigh the other benefits of a soft shackle. Use on the spinnaker and jib halyards for faster changes (a soft connection makes more sense on the main halyard)
  • Ultimately, anywhere where you might need to trip quickly and under load – halyards, sheets, guys and multiple other applications!

Regarding size, the Tylaska Snap Shackle is available from a T5 (ideal for small boats such as a J-24 or Mumm 30 - SWL 1130KG) to a T50 (ideal for large boats or racing yachts - SWL 11340KG). It is also available in several configurations, including a standard bail, large bail, clevis bail and linked peel.


Think Tylaska are on top? Explore our range of Tylaska snap shackles, or for further advice get in touch with us on

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