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    What's New in 2021: Sailing Hardware and Rigging

    METS DAME Awards 2021


    The biggest marine equipment trade show (METS) is about to take place in Amsterdam later this month and they have just announced the 2021 DAME Design Award nominations, for what's new and exciting in leisure marine equipment. An independent panel of experts consider the expected impact on the marine industry of the entries, their suitability for intended purpose, the level of innovation, cost, ease of use or installation and environmental impact, in a number of different product categories.

    Stay Safe with Mantagua’s Certified NAVIPRO Navigation Lights

    Sailboat with Navigation Lights © Axxon, via Mantagua

    Image © Axxon, via Mantagua


    Lighter, faster and safer sailing is our mantra. Thus, we’re excited to launch our new product category - Navigation Lights – on, to keep you safe at sea.

    Improve your Race Starts with the Velocitek V2 Prostart



    The new Velocitek V2 ProStart is the distillation of more than a decade of experience and customer feedback building stand-alone, GPS-based, distance-to-line starting aids. It’s all about time and distance. The new V2 ProStart has the same core functionality as the V1 unit but now features crystal-clear optics, zero-latency navigation, and a multi-colour backlight.

    Sailing Autopilot Systems - Key Components


    ©nke marine electronics


    For most cruising and offshore race sailboats, the autopilot is a critical piece of equipment. However, the difference between a “good” and a “not so good” sailing autopilot can be dramatic! Therefore, it is well worth understanding all the necessary components of a good system to create the autopilot package to suit your needs.

    Novasail Tactical Race Computers - First off the Line

    Novasail electornics sailing


    Novasail’s ethos is to ‘be first off the start’, and that is certainly the focus of their NS360 and NS-START ranges of race computers. These yacht race computers offer similar functionality to the more well-known alternative, Velocitek Prostart, which you can read about in more detail here

    nke Depth and Speed sensors explained


    nke sensors-1

    Image Credits: nke

    The marine industry has been awash with new and exciting technological innovations in recent years and, standing at the forefront are companies like nke marine electronics. nke are the standard for the majority of mini-transat and IMOCA 60 classes. They provide electronics for many different functions and for many different types of sailor. You can find out more about the full range of nke products available on our website here.

    Velocitek: Get your Electronics Strapped-in


    Velocitek electronics on boat

    Credit: Velocitek

    Simple, clear and extremely functional. Velocitek electronics are popular among sailors from beginners to competition veterans thanks to their functional design and ease of use. Upffront are big fans of the Velocitek range of electronics and you can find previous blogs here on the Prism, Prostart and Speedpuck.

    nke Marine Electronics – Do I need the Man Overboard (M.O.B.) Module?


    nke Marine Electronics Man Overboard Class 40


    As the trend for performance enhancing marine electronics continues to grow, here at we have decided to make things simple for our customers: we’ve crafted six, turn-key, nke autopilot and navigation packages, which are suitable for both racers and cruisers of all levels (including grand prix!).

    nke Marine Electronics – Do I really need Wi-Fi?


    nke Marine Electronics Sodebo


    More sailors are jumping onboard with performance enhancing marine electronics than ever before, and we’ve had an influx of enquiries since adding nke Marine Electronics to

    Transform Your Sailing with the Velocitek Speedpuck Speedometer

    Velocitek Speedpuck Speedometer

    Image Credit: Velocitek and Paul Todd/OUTSIDEIMAGES.COM

    Located on the North shore of Hawaiian island Maui, Velocitek are a marine electronics firm who are – amongst other things - passionate about spending time on the water. When they’re not busy sailing or surfing – or fighting for the protection of our lakes and oceans - Velocitek work hard to design beautifully simple, intuitive and elegant marine electronics with top flight functionality, helping sailors of all levels to enjoy peak performance on the water.

    We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

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