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Ubi Maior Italia puts a real emphasis on adopting the latest production techniques to maintain their sailing hardware range at the performance cutting edge. The latest evolution of their successful FR Range of code zero and asymmetric furlers is no different.


Key Features


The drum and fork are machined from a single piece of 6082T6 Aluminium and utilise cylindrical thrust bearings to ensure excellent furling in all conditions. In the latest edition, the drum covers are machined out of black Delrin which is very durable/robust, provides great impact resistance and is kinder to your deck than a metallic drum cover. The furling line can be quickly and easily be installed / removed, which is aided by a unique, hinged, front guard.

Ubi_Maior_FR_Furler_Line removal

The aluminium drum grips the furling line securely during the furl. However, for the unfurl, the drum is designed to allow the line to disengage from the teeth, when line tension is released, to allow the drum to rotate freely, thus reducing wear on the furling line.

Rewind Ratchet / Lock

Ubi_Maior_fr-furler_FR150-FreetackRWSeveral manufacturers have quite sophisticated, automatic ratchet drum locks which work in both directions. Ubi Maior have deliberately opted for a simple, functional, reliable, manual, on/off lock. When the lock is disengaged, the drum can rotate freely in either direction. The lock mechanism can be operated remotely (i.e. from the cockpit with the green/red lines coming out of the bottom of the drum) and when engaged, the furling line can be released at any point and the lock will prevent an accidental unfurl. The ratchet lock only works in one direction which means furling must always be in the same direction. However, you should always furl in the same direction to ensure you get the best performance and longevity out of your torsional furling cable.



The Range


There are x6 sizes in the core range with Safe Working Loads (SWL’s) 1.5T, 3T, 5T, 7.5T, 10T and 13T with drum diameters from 100mm to 250mm, for boats from 26ft – 100ft. These are available in either Classic (bottom up) and Free Tack (top down) versions and then each of these units can also be purchased with or without the Rewind ratchet lock. There are also 2 extra mini Classic drums which are just 87mm in diameter with SWL of 0.5T and 0.75T for dinghy’s and small keel boats up to 26ft.



Above: Ubi Maior Classic (bottom up) vs Free Tack (top down) drums


A full range of fittings are available, including a Free Tack Adapter to convert a standard / Classic drum for top down furling. This is an increasingly popular solution, for both racers and cruisers, as it allows the use of a single drum for multiple sails. The top down adapter is permanently installed with the torsional cable / sail and the same furling drum can be used for a code zero plus an asymmetric, or multiple asymmetric sails.



If you are planning on having a Cableless code zero, your sailmaker would require the Tack/Head plate (sized for the furler), which is sewn into your sail. The Double Stay fitting is not as common as it used to be - this is an alternative to using a torsional cable. Thimbles are available for making up your own torsional cables from off-the-roll torsional rope.

There is also a range of termination methods for both drum and swivel.




  • On larger units (7.5T+) the Loop sheave is used to connect either drum or swivel with soft loops / strops
  • The 2:1 sheave block is a common attachment on the swivel for a 2:1 halyard
  • If the sail is on a halyard lock, a 3:1 friction sheave is used under the drum so a tack line can be used to adjust luff tension
  • The T-bone is an alternative connector for soft strops
  • Then there are the standard Snap or D-shackles which are supplied as standard on most units




Ubi Maior use the latest materials and production techniques to create a well thought out, reliable and extensive range of continuous line furlers, for boats of all sizes. 


View the Ubi Maior range online here. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your furling needs in more detail, feel free to contact us at support@upffront.com or click the link below:

Furling Enquiry

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