Velocitek: The Best Solution to get your Electronics Strapped in

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Velocitek electronics on boat

Credit: Velocitek

Simple, clear and extremely functional. Velocitek electronics are popular among sailors from beginners to competition veterans thanks to their functional design and ease of use. Upffront are big fans of the Velocitek range of electronics and you can find previous blogs here on the Prism, Prostart and Speedpuck.


If you’ve purchased a Velocitek product, or are thinking of purchasing one but are unsure of the best way to attach it to your boat, this blog will guide you through the options.


Velocitek have kept functionality and ease of use in mind when designing their products and accessories. Many of the brackets are compatible with all three of their core products.


It’s important to note that Prism, Prostart and Speedpuck come with a dedicated cradle which attaches to the bracket and allows the devices to be mounted securely and released as needed. Each bracket also comes with all of the screws, nuts and washers required to attach the cradle to the bracket. However, if you damage yours then replacements can be purchased separately here.


The "W" Bracket




Compatible with: SpeedPuck, ProStart and Prism

The W mast bracket is compatible with almost all teardrop and round cross sectioned masts and is designed to bolt directly onto the mainsail luff track. Depending on alignment, you may have to drill additional holes in your track to secure the bracket. Alternatively, the W bracket comes with a Dyneema line which can be used to lash the bracket to your mast as a more flexible / temporary solution.

The design of the bracket allows lines to pass between the device and the mast.


Mast Bracket




Compatible with: SpeedPuck, ProStart and Prism


The Mast bracket is designed for bullet cross sectioned masts that have a bolt rope track. It comes with a slug that can be inserted into the track to secure the bracket. This means that this bracket is none invasive, as it does not require any screws to go directly in to the mast.

This bracket also allows lines to be passed between the device and the mast.


Deck Bracket




Designed specifically for the Prism, but can also fit the Prostart and SpeedPuck


The deck bracket is designed for mounting electronics on flat surfaces. It’s ultralightweight at 70g and made of anodized aluminum.

The Deck bracket features a gap for control lines to run under the device if needed.


The deck bracket can be used for the Prism, ProStart and SpeedPuck, however the SpeedPuck and ProStart cradles will overhang slightly, covering the control line slot.


Dual Lock Rectangle




A single rectangle of adhesive backed M3, the dual lock is a temporary, but super easy and surprisingly secure, solution. It can be used to mount your device to almost any semi-flat surface. However, it is not recommended using it for extended periods of time or in particularly rough conditions.


Spinnaker Pole Mounting Bracket


Spinnaker pole mounting bracket01_1024x1024


Compatible with: SpeedPuck, ProStart and Prism


The Spinnaker Pole Mounting Bracket is designed to be mounted on a pole, and is commonly used on performance catamaran dinghy’s.

Made of light carbon fiber and epoxy, the bracket weighs just 70g.


While it’s true that the Prostart is theoretically compatible with this spinnaker pole bracket, here at we’re finding it hard to see how easy it would be to program the device while on the end of a spinnaker pole! Having said that this bracket could be mounted on any tube of appropriate diameter and so there may be situations when this bracket could come in useful on bigger boats.


For more information on the Velocitek range, and to purchase, Click here or if you have any questions about your electronics systems please contact us on the link below

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