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Published Date: August 12 2022

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Navisafe was created after their founder, Jo Engebrigtsen had a near-miss with a much larger cruiser when heading home in a dinghy with his family. The aim of Navisafe is to provide easy and flexible to use, reliable lighting for any boat to maintain safety on the water.


Founded in 2005, their flagship product, the Navilight white, is a 360°, battery operated marine navigation light that is fully waterproof, compact and lightweight. It can also be fitted almost anywhere, and most importantly, it still has the power to be an effective navigation light.

Since then, Navisafe have expanded their portfolio to include a range of lighting solutions for any sized boat, from permanent stern lights on large power-driven vessels, to a small handheld safety light or torch in a sailors hand. With Offshore racing rules stipulating emergency navigation lights with an alternative power source – Navisafe offers a perfect backup system which is proving very popular with racing and offshore cruising sailors alike.

Light types

The Navilight range are US coast guard approved for 2 nautical miles and completely waterproof up to 20m. They also float, ensuring that your Navilight is easily recoverable, if it ever goes overboard.

The Navilights are powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Navilight White 360° 2NM

Navilight white 360° 2NM
The Navlight White 360° 2NM is the most versatile light in Navisafe’s range and their flagship product.

This super bright white light uses LED bulbs that can be programmed for a long list of functions, with battery life ranging from 15-85 hours depending on configuration:
  • 360° All-round light
  • 225° Masthead light
  • 135° Stern light
  • Flashing light
  • Anchoring light
  • Cabin light

Navilight White 360° 2NM Rescue
Navilight white 360° 2NM RescueVirtually identical to the standard Navilight White, the Rescue version has an emergency green casing which glows in the dark for up to 8 hours after only 10 minutes of sunlight. This makes it very easy to locate, without using any battery power, when it is not on.

Navilight Tricolor 2NM
Navlight tricolor 2NM

The Navilight Tricolor 2NM includes green, red and a white sectors.

The green and red lights show an unbroken light over an arc of 112,5 degrees. While the white Stern light shows an unbroken arc of 135 degrees. All lights can either shine independently or as any combination of white, green and red. Therefore this one light can be used as an independent port or starboard sidelight, as stern light or a masthead tricolour, which gives it great versatility. Battery life ranges from 12-38 hours depending on configuration

Bases and mounts

There are three types of bases, Navimount, suction and magnetic. These refer to the bases of the light unit themselves, which then attach to one of several mount options that are used to mount the light on to your boat.


Suction base
Suction mount
Suction bases are designed to be securely mounted directly on any flat or smooth surface. The quick release suction cup releases with just one push of the lever so it can be stored quickly or mounted to another place or boat. The suction cup also comes with a stick-on disk that can be attached to a curved surface and create a flush area to attach the suction mount.


Magnet bases
Magnet base
The magnetic base is ideal for lights that need to be moved around or quickly accessed by crew. The magnetic base is very secure, but also comes with a lanyard that can be secured to the mount for added safety if it does detach from the magnet.


Bendable suction mount for magnetic base

Bendable suction mounts
Bendable suction mounts use a stiff arm so you can point the Navilight in any direction. The suction cup can be placed on any flat or smooth surface, is released by pulling up the lever and designed to be used with the magnetic base Navilights


Clamp-on rail mount for magnetic base
Clip on rail mount

The clip-on rail mount uses a screw system to screw on to rails and bars and connects to a magnetic base. It is designed to allow secure mounting of the Navilights to the bow pulpit or stern rail. It is also a great solution for a masthead light


Navimount Base SystemNavimount base

This Navilight base uses a bracket and screw system to connect your light to a range of Navimount mounting options. This is a range of secure, gear-shaped mounting units that allows you to quickly remove the light if needed. The bracket and screw system used is the same as a standard GoPro™, so the Navilight is also compatible with many GoPro accessories.


Horizontal, vertical and rail Navimounts
Horizontal, vertical and rail mounts-1
These Navimounts are screwed directly in to the deck or cabin. These are ideal for areas where you know you will be frequently using the Navilight and want a permanent fixture to attach them to.

RIB NavimountRib mount
The Navimount RIB is designed to fix the Navilight to the bow of an inflatable boat. It is supplied with a “3M VHB” self-adhesive sticker, working on boats made from Hypalon, Polyethylene or PVC.


Navimount Magnetic AdapterNavimount adapter

This allows you to adapt a Navilight magnetic base to fit into a permanent Navimount unit. Despite having their own range of Navimount base units, Navilight have cleverly built adapters for many different fixing systems. In addition to being compatible with GoPro bases they also have standard adapters for all Railblaza StarPorts and Scotty bases which are popular in a range of leisure marine industries.


Pole mounts
Pole mount
Pole mounts use an aluminium pole to extend the height or distance from your horizontal or vertical mount by up to 1m. This is great for ensuring your lights are high enough to be visible from any direction. The pole pack uses either a magnetic mount or Navimount to secure the light to the top end of the pole and then a Navimount adapter at the bottom end of the pole to slot into a Navimount base.



Polelight mountsPolelight mount
The Polelight is designed for small tenders, dinghies, canoes, kayaks or fishing boats with transom or vertical cockpit that require an all-round white Navigation light. It features a built-in Navilight white 360° 2NM as a permanent top to a 1 meter aluminium pole with a Navimount base.


The Navisafe range of Navilights are a great all-round solution for a whole range of boat sizes and uses.

Perfect for smaller boats that do not have a power supply, these lights can easily be added as a temporary or permanent fixture and moved around as needed.

While wired navigation lights are a better solution for many larger vessels, Navisafe lights also provide a good backup solution (essential in some offshore racing rules), or could be used as handheld or dynamic lights in certain situations.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about the Navisafe light range, please email us at, or click the link below to learn more about Navisafe Navilights and see the full range on our website.Navilight range

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