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    All-New Marine Electronics Tech - Smartlink2 Load Cell

    Cyclops Marine Smartlink Nano


    Cyclops Marine and Sailmon have recently announced a direct link (removing need for additional gateways) between the Max GPS race computer and the smartlink Nano load cell. Sailmon are one of the first mainstream electronics manufacturers to recognise the massive impact load data will bring to understanding performance sailing, by creating a seamless interface and a truly Plug & Play user experience. At the same time, Cyclops has also taken this opportunity to introduce a major technology update to create their smartlink2 Nano which will be rolled out across their full range over the coming months.

    Plug & Play Forestay Load with the Cyclops Marine Smarttune

    Cyclops Marine Smarttune load cell

    Image credit: Cyclops Marine Smarttune


    If there was just one piece of information, one number, which could give you real insight into your rig tune and sailing performance, it is forestay load. It is the leading edge of your sail plan, controls the behaviour of the whole rig and now there is a cost effective, simple-to-install solution from Cyclops Marine. If you are interested in improving your sailing performance, you need a smarttune!

    Sailboat Load Data - Optimising Hardware and Rigging Design

    Cyclops Marine Smarttune

    Image credit: Cyclops Marine Smarttune


    Find out just how far we still have to go in terms of understanding yacht mast and rigging loads and why they are so important to specification of sailing hardware and rigging systems

    Lengths of Sheets and Halyards

    Lengths for sheets and halyards

    We have previously discussed taking care of ropes, but, how long should these ropes even be? As previously mentioned, ropes are an essential element of your rigging system, and optimising your running rigging lengths is important.

    Is it worth paying the money for better running rigging?



    What is the cost vs. benefit trade-off for running rigging options on a 25 ft sailing boat? We take a look at three running rigging specs, from budget to full performance racing, and investigate whether the increase in cost is justified by the performance benefits.

    Basic Running Rigging Terminology

    gottifredi maffioli running rigging and rigging supplies

    If you are looking at upgrading your running rigging, before you delve into the manufacturers catalogues there are a few key terms you need to understand.

    We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

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