9 Uses for PROtect Tapes ‘Millionaires’ Tape

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Protect tapes - Millionaires Tape


PROtect Mask, commonly known as ‘Millionaire’s tape’ in many sailing circles, has been an essential part of riggers toolkits for years.

The name ‘Millionaire’s tape’ comes from its relatively high price point but the widespread usage and high demand for this tape, by professional riggers worldwide, suggests that it provides excellent value for money.


Protect tapes mask rigging


PROtect Mask tape is just one of the many tapes manufactured by PROtect tapes which are designed to improve performance and limit wear and damage for sailing, cruising and super yachts.

However only the PMG050 and PML050 (grey and light grey colour variants) have earned the name of Millionaire’s tape and are endorsed by many Olympic sailing crews, world champions and IMOCA teams, among others.


Mask Tape protect tape

This is because ‘Millionaires tape’ has the highest per unit strength, toughness and high temperature resistance of any PTFE product. However, it is the exceptionally low coefficient of friction which makes this product stand out. It is believed to be one of the only materials which a gecko would have trouble sticking to!

The non-stick, slippery surface of the PTFE tape is extremely resistant to abrasion; durable and strong, the tape is chafe resistant, weather resistant and water repellent.

The tape has a high temperature silicon adhesive. Silicon adhesive has a higher temperature breaking point than acrylic adhesive (used in most common tapes). Despite its strong hold, it is easy to remove when necessary and doesn’t leave any sticky residue on the rigging / surface when removed.. The tape does stick to itself and layers of tape can be applied quickly, easily and securely.

What is used for?
Riggers use Millionaires’ tape for a whole host of reasons, but here are 9 ideas to get you started…

Stopping salt build up
The slick, non-stick surface of the tape is easy to clean. The salt can just be wiped away!

To protect places of impact
If you have any loose blocks that might knock against the deck, Millionaires’ tape can be a great alternative to chafe tape to help protect your deck from scuffs or damage that might occur. 

To organise ropes
If you use electrical tape to organise your ropes, millionaires’ tape is a durable and reliable alternative with better chafe resistance.

To minimise friction
If you have ropes or equipment that has the potential to rub together, Millionaires’ tape will help to lubricate the surfaces and reduce the amount of wear that occurs.

For splicing
Loops, strops and soft connectors sometimes need an extra bit of security. By adding a layer of tape you can add an extra layer of protection to your rope connections and reduce risk on your boat.

For wrapping
You can use Millionaires’ tape to wrap on a tight radius without much room, such as spreaders and standing rigging .

To protect your sails
Tape rigging where there might be contact with sails. This will reduce wear by removing friction to allow the passage of the sails on the tack or gybe with ease.

Protect running rigging
The tape can stretch and bend allowing you to wrap it tightly without it prohibiting movement. Great for providing extra cover and protection from shackles, turnbuckles, lifeline fittings or spreader ends. 

Anywhere you can think of!
This tape is so versatile and secure, yet it can be removed without leaving any residue. This means you can use it anywhere and everywhere to protect your hardware and rigging and improve sailing performance!

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Millionaires tape

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