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    Evolution of the IRC code zero - A conversation with North Sails

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    Image credit: Ronan Grealish


    In our previous blog we spoke with Ronan Grealish from North Sails on the topic of reaching sail configurations for doublehanded racing. In this blog we continue the conversation to take a closer look at the design philosophy and evolution of the code zero. Modern top-down furling code zeros such as those from North have come a long way since the traditional flappy leech sails of late.


    Achieving a Stable Reaching Setup - An Interview With North Sails

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    Image credit: Ronan Grealish


    Reaching legs are an inevitable feature of coastal racing, and a good setup can produce some of the fastest and most stable sailing. We are talking about that range of off-wind angles, where an eased jib is no longer effective, but the TWA is still too tight for a spinnaker. This is where speciality reaching sails are needed. Exactly what these angles are depends on the boat and the wind strength, but for context lets assume a range of 060-120 TWA. 

    Karver KFEC Eco Furlers - A better future and a better furler

    KArver furler


    It is up to us, sailors, navigators, racers, and adventurers, to act for the preservation of the oceans, our wonderful playground. Innovations are flourishing, attitudes and habits are changing, and builders and designers are now giving priority to the eco-design of boats and fittings, and to the search for more ecological materials. In this blog we shine a spotlight on the innovative construction technology in the Eco Concept furler range, and say congratulations to Karver Systems for doing their bit for the environment.

    NEXe Furler - Effortless Furling powered by Profurl

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    The NEXe from Profurl is an easy to retrofit electrically driven Code 0 ("Code Zero") or top-down gennaker furler. With the NEXe, you can furl / unfurl your sails, from anywhere on the boat, quickly with easily, and you will never have to manually furl your sails again!

    Choosing the Right Code Zero or Gennaker Furler

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    How do I choose the right code zero or gennaker furling unit for my boat? Data from 8 well-known manufacturers is reviewed and conclusions drawn to help guide you to an appropriate unit for your needs.

    The Best Code 0 furlers for 25-30ft Sailing Boats

    Trogear-Bowsprit with code 0 furler


    If you have a 25-30ft sailboat and you are looking to boost your sailing performance with a code zero or asymmetric spinnaker then you will need a furler in the 900-1000kg working load range. There is a decent selection of different products available at this size, but which one should you chose? In this blog we run through the relative pro’s and con’s of the main contenders.

    We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

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