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    Which Service Kit for my Andersen Winch

    Andersen Winches CC sailing.saga


    Andersen sailing winches have a strong record for service and support. However, after 60 years of product evolution, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of which of their service kits is required for each of the winch models. In this blog we provide a comprehensive quick reference guide on identifying the correct spare parts for your Andersen winches.

    Electric Sailboat Winch – Horizontal, Vertical or Compact Motor?

    Andersen Electric Winch © Andersen Winches

    © Andersen Winches


    You’ve chosen to upgrade from a manual winch to an electric winch. Now, you need to decide on motor placement. This is a critical design decision which largely depends on your boats available space below deck. Ask yourself: ‘What is going to fit, and what is going to be the least work?’.

    Quality Cruising with Andersen’s Electric Winch Range

    Andersen Electric Winches © Sparkman & Stephens Swan Association

    Photo Credit: © Sparkman & Stephens Swan Association 


    Andersen Winches are iconic. Often considered the benchmark for quality, Andersen’s elegant, stainless steel winches take pride of place on every deck. Underneath the stainless steel exterior, an internal construction manufactured from aluminium bronze – which is far more durable than aluminium – ensures cruising sailors can be safe in the knowledge their Andersen winch will last for a lifetime.

    Andersen winch: Laser focus on a simple, reliable, high-quality design


    Image Credits: Ronstan


    As part of the Ronstan brand, Andersen are 100% focused on providing simple, reliable high quality sailing winches. Anderson made the decision early on to focus on one standard range and do it well. This blog will look at the Andersen range and outline some of the features and benefits of their easily recognisable design.

    Andersen Sailing Winch - making the right choice.


    Andersen winches are a big name in the boating business. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Andersen Winches have earned a reputation for building high quality, reliable sailing winches that can last a lifetime. 

    How do I find the manufacture date and version number of my Andersen Winch?

    Andersen Winches Product Identification Code Manufacture Date

    Image Credit: Andersen Winches

    Andersen Winches are a big name in the boating business. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Andersen Winches have earnt a reputation for building first class, high quality winches.

    Choosing the right winch!

    Maffioli Rope on winch 2

    Choosing a winch can be daunting. The main decision criteria may be size or power Ratio, but Style, Speeds, Material and Grip are also of a consideration. That’s without going into powered options (electric / hydraulic), and then an extensive range of winch handle styles and sizes! Winches are an expensive bit of equipment and an educated choice will save you from unnecessary spend.

    Winch service made easy!

    Andersen Winch 46ST [RA2046010000] With Rope B


    Type in ‘how to service a winch’ on Google, and the results you will get are endless. There are two types of steps to take: those that are universal to all winches, and those that are applicable to specific models. In this post, we discuss minimum requirements for servicing.

    Introduction To Winches


    Although the fundamental mechanics of winches have not really changed over the years, there are some innovative features and performance improvements which have appeared in more recent years. Winches are a durable piece of equipment, lasting many years, but it is important to consider if the winches on-board are right for you.

    Getting to Grips with Winch Handles!

     Winch handle.jpg

    A winch handle is just a winch handle - right? It’s true, but when buying a new one, there are a few things you need to consider.

    We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

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