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Introducing Ronstan Orbit Winches and QuickTrim Technology

Stacking Bags from Outils Oceans

Spinnaker Snuffers - Better Than Furling?

Discovering Ronstan: The Ultimate Introduction to Quality and Innovative Solutions

Robline Rope Configurator – New Products

Jefa Autopilot Direct Drives – Simply the Best?

Adding a Staysail? Mast Hardware Options

The Importance of Teamwork in Sailing

Get Ready to Kedge - Anchoring For Race Yachts

Luff Foil vs Hanks - Which is Best For You?

A Guide to Bowsprit Configuration

Top Tips on How to Prep Your Boat for Spring

Fiddle Blocks For a Low-Profile Purchase System

Slipping Halyards - A Troubleshooting Guide

Superswift - The Perfect Light Air Spinnaker Sheet

The perfect ratio of anchor chain to anchor rope

Doublehanded Sailing - Gear Survey

A Rough Guide to Mainsail Reefing

What Halyard Shackles & Dogbones Do I Need?

Yacht ropes: a brief guide to cover materials

Polyform Fenders - 40 Years of Experience in Boat Protection

KZ Racefurlers - Performance Code Zero Furlers

From Clutches to Furling, What We Can All Take From The IMOCAs - A Conversation With Oliver Heer Ocean Racing

The Spinlock RIG SENSE – Find your optimum rig tension and keep it!

Introducing Flipper™ – The World’s First Foldable Winch Handle

Sea Sure Marine Hardware – Dedicated to Quality Dinghy Components

The Best Lopolight Navigation Lights for Sailboats from 12 - 20 Meters

Looking for the perfect gift for a sailor? Upffront has you covered!

Top 5 Tips To Get Your Boat Winter Ready

The Best Sailing Technology from the METS DAME Awards 2022

Evolution of the IRC code zero - A conversation with North Sails

Achieving a Stable Reaching Setup - An Interview With North Sails

Martin Breaker - The Ejector Seat of Spinnaker Drops

Best Navigation Lights Set Up for a 12 Meter sailboat from Lopolight

Clutches & Jammers - A Simple and Reliable Rope Holding Solution

Choosing the right Deck Organiser For Your Sailboat

Prepping your Pit - A Sailors Guide

Icom IC-M25 Handheld VHF Radio - An Important Part of Your Safety Kit

Lopolight Navigation Lights - It's all about safety at sea

The DCSolar Power Move - Making Power Portable

Which Fenders do I need for Offshore Racing?

Rocna Anchor - Rock Solid Performance

Navisafe Navilights – Small, Powerful and Versatile Navigation Lights

What should I have in my grab bag? A boat safety essential

VSG Lifejackets - Combining Safety with Comfort

How many fenders do I need for my boat? – A complete guide

Which Service Kit for my Andersen Winch

Best Practice for Eco Friendly Waste Disposal

Premiumropes Eco - Turning Bottles Into Ropes

Sailserver, Your Sailing Adventure Data Log

How to Anchor Your Boat the Eco-Friendly Way

Do you need a set of storm sails?

Race through the night with Mantagua Racing Lights

Karver KFEC Eco Furlers - A better future and a better furler

Simrad Tillerpilot - A Cost Effective Extra Pair Of Hands

NEXe Furler - Effortless Furling powered by Profurl

What's The Right Sheet For My Boat?

Sika® adhesives and sealants - strong and sustainable

Choosing the Right Code Zero or Gennaker Furler

Get a grip! What’s the right halyard rope for my sailing boat?

The Best Code 0 furlers for 25-30ft Sailing Boats

FourthCape WeedWand - Don't go overboard clearing your rudders!

Armare Zero Twist Torsional Ropes

ROPEYE - Back to the Future!

Just the two of us... sponsors UKDHOS for 2022

Ronstan snap shackles – A more affordable alternative to a sailing staple?

Outils Oceans Rope Bag - In Collaboration with Racers

Selden Bowsprits: An elegant solution that really stands out!

All-New Marine Electronics Tech - Smartlink2 Load Cell

Sailmon & Cyclops Combo – Improve Your Performance from the Start Line

Introducing the Sailmon MAX – The sailing GPS built to challenge you!

Which is the right Lewmar boat anchor for me?

Trogear Bowsprits - Installing above Existing Bow Rollers

What's New in 2023: Sailing Hardware and Rigging

How to set a boat anchor in 3 simple steps

Wichard MXEvo 2:1/3:1 Blocks - Often imitated but tough to beat

Antal Barber Block – Impeccable Design

Fendress Fenders – No Compromise Inflatable Yacht Fenders

How to Choose a Spinlock Deckvest & Accessories

Best Sailing Boat Blocks in 2023

The C-Tech SnuffAir - Lighter than Air!

Antal Roller Cleat – A Sleek Solution for Mooring

Choosing the right shackle – Where do I start?

Harken Electric Winch Range Explained

Introducing the Spinlock Deckvest Range

Bamar RLG EVO ROLLGEN Top Down Furling System

The Best Sail Race Computer - Velocitek Prostart or the Novasail NS-START. Pro?

Morfrac Systems Discuss the Future of Deck Hardware

Introducing Premium Ropes and Stirotex Fibre

Antal Soft Loop Hook – Light, Simple Line Control

Antal Electric Winch Range Explained

LOOP Cover Shackles, A New Twist on Soft Shackles

Andersen’s Compact Electric Winches: Space-saving Saviour or Subpar Alternative?

Stay Safe with Mantagua’s Certified NAVIPRO Navigation Lights

Karver KF V3 Furler Accessories Guide

Electric Sailboat Winch – Horizontal, Vertical or Compact Motor?

MORFRAC and 3D Printing -  A Success Story

Lewmar EVO® Winches – Made to Last

Karver Winches – A Truly Unique Proposition

What size electric sailboat winch do I need?

The nke Multidisplay – All of your boat data in one place

Quality Cruising with Andersen’s Electric Winch Range

Gottifredi Maffioli Safeline Max – Dyneema® lifelines for yachts

Antal Manual Winches: Plain Top & Self-Tailing for Cruisers & Racers

Save your Metal, and your Wallet with Tef-Gel!

10 Reasons to upgrade to an Electric Winch

Exploring the Karver KBO Block Range

Ronstan Cam Cleats: Lighter, Stronger and Kinder to Ropes

Ronstan SHOCK Blocks - Simple Efficient Low Friction Rings

Harken Small Boat Furlers - From 14ft Dinghy to 30ft Sportsboat

The Differences Between Harken Radial and Performa Winches

New Product Launch - Karver V3 Furlers

Improve your Race Starts with the Velocitek V2 Prostart

How Long is my Furling Line?

Continuous vs Discontinuous Standing Rigging

Celebrating Curves with the LOOP Flexi Stick-on

Running Rigging Configurator

Ubi Maior Italia - FR Furler Range

Straight Talking – Mast and Standing Rigging Terminology

Sailboat Composite Standing Rigging – Material Options

Sailing Autopilot Systems - Key Components

Composite Rigging – what are the benefits?

Torsional Ropes vs Cables

Adding a Staysail? Inner Forestay Setup Options

Improve Your Sailing Performance – 3 Simple, Cost Effective Upgrades

Stripping and recovering yacht ropes – when, where and why?

Alphalock Halyard Locks – Simply the Best?

Sailboat Hardware Soft Attachments – Fad or Paradigm Shift?

smartlink – Live Rig Load Data at your Fingertips

LOOP Products: An Innovative Twist to the Stick-on Padeye

9 Uses for PROtect Tapes ‘Millionaires’ Tape

Morf Block: Evolution in the DNA

Plug & Play Forestay Load with the Cyclops Marine Smarttune

Sailboat Load Data - Optimising Hardware and Rigging Design

Replacing your Karver Furler Quick Release Spring Kit

Finding your way around

Sailboat Deck Organisers – Let’s get organised!

Novasail Tactical Race Computers - First off the Line

Morf Block merges into Morfrac Systems

The Low-Down on High-load Dinghy Blocks

Spinlock’s XTX - the latest innovation in rope holding

Ubi Maior X3M Flight Blocks – the Compact, High Flyer

Allen Brothers - dedicated to manufacturing excellence

nke - Finding Their True Course

Ewincher - An alternative to electric winches?

"Vang-on!" - with Pauger Performance and Style

Extending your reach with Ronstan Tiller Extensions

Bamar’s Got Your Back… stay!

FSE Robline Rope for Sale

PROtect Tapes SPK: The Retro-Revolution?

Harken Reflex Furler: Always adapting to stay ahead of the game

Join Us On The Foredeck!

Andersen winch: Laser focus on a simple, reliable, high-quality design

Downwind Turbo-charge with a Facnor Bowsprit

Guest Blog - Turbo-Charge your Ride with a Staysail

What’s so special about the Ronstan Orbit Range?

An introduction to the all-new!

Gottifredi Maffioli Cruising Lines Explained

Karver’s Double Whammy at the DAME Awards

Armare Ropes: Local Ropemaker to America's Cup Supplier

Robline Rope: Cruising Ranges Explained

nke Depth and Speed sensors explained

Tylaska Cone and Plug Fids explained

Velocitek: Get your Electronics Strapped-in

Tuff Luff head foils - Care and Maintenance

Sailing Hardware and Rigging Innovation at METs 2019

Soft Attachment Blocks - The Basics

Bamar’s RLG EVO – Code 0 Furler

Trogear Bowsprits: A good enough reason to drill a hole through your bow

Spinlock Clutches and Jammers - Remote Operation

Andersen Sailing Winch - making the right choice.

Ino-ending - The end of the line?

Calculating your Sail Areas

Is it a Halyard Swivel, Top Swivel or just a Swivel!?

How to Change the Cover on a Cousin Constrictor® Textile Rope Clutch in 7 Steps

Product review: Facnor Flatfurl structural furler

What makes Gottifredi Maffioli Superswift rope so super?

PROtect Tapes One Design

Practical Tips on Cruising Halyard Locks

The Baby Karver Furler - KF0.9

What is a Top-Down Adapter?

Karver KJ Jammer

Reefing Your Mainsail: Are you onboard with reef hooks?

Soft solutions vs. Tylaska’s Snap Shackle – Which comes out on top?

Composite Backstays: Your Quick Fix for Maximum Performance

Ino–Rope Update: The Latest in Textile Block Performance

Cleats, Clutches and Jammers – What’s the difference?

Jump into a Career in Sailing – Join

A Beginners Guide to Cam Cleats

Guest Blog - Furling Your Mainsail

Code Zero Torsional Cable: Tackle Luff Length Troubles

nke Marine Electronics – Do I need the Man Overboard (M.O.B.) Module?

What Information is Required to Specify the Correct Genoa Furling System?

Electric Bowsprit Furler - Brand-New from Bamar

Furling Drum Locks - to lock, or not to lock?

Dyneema® Braided Cover: The Latest Addition to Your Tool Kit

Lash Thimbles – What are they, and how do I use them?

nke Marine Electronics – Do I really need Wi-Fi?

How do I rig the bobstay on my Trogear bowsprit?

Millionaires Tape’ – What is it?!

We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

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