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Soft shackles are a win-win solution for multiple applications

Vakaros Atlas 2: sailing with ultimate precision

Sailing instruments from Velocitek, Sailmon and Vakaros - introduction from Upffront

Standing Rigging: Why you should change to composite rigging

Block and tackle - understanding mechanical advantage on sailing boats

Winterizing a boat – useful tips from

Winning deck hardware from the 2023 Star World Champion Max Kohlhoff

Polyform AS and Polyform US fenders: exporting quality and performance from Norway to the U.S.

Electric Furler from Facnor - latching on the trend of boat electrification

Best bottom up furlers: Top 5 from - Autumn 2023

Premium Ropes range - which rope to choose?

What's new in Velocitek’s Prism 2 electronic compass?

New Ewincher SE: affordable and powerful electric winch handle

Boat fenders on a mission of defending your boat

Jacklines and jackstays - important things to know

Getting your Head around Fendress Fender Covers

Ease of Access Problem

A Quick Guide to NMEA

Why I want a Spinnaker Snuffer

Spinlock PXR Cam Cleat - Easy Release of High Performance Control Lines

Calypso Portable Wind Instruments - New to

Backstay purchase systems for small keelboats

Introducing Ronstan Orbit Winches and QuickTrim Technology

Stacking Bags from Outils Oceans

Spinnaker Snuffers - Better Than Furling?

Discovering Ronstan: The Ultimate Introduction to Quality and Innovative Solutions

Robline Rope Configurator – New Products

Jefa Autopilot Direct Drives – Simply the Best?

Adding a Staysail? Mast Hardware Options

The Importance of Teamwork in Sailing

Get Ready to Kedge - Anchoring For Race Yachts

Luff Foil vs Hanks - Which is Best For You?

A Guide to Bowsprit Configuration

Top Tips on How to Prep Your Boat for Spring

Fiddle Blocks For a Low-Profile Purchase System

Slipping Halyards - A Troubleshooting Guide

Superswift - The Perfect Light Air Spinnaker Sheet

The perfect ratio of anchor chain to anchor rope

Doublehanded Sailing - Gear Survey

A Rough Guide to Mainsail Reefing

What Halyard Shackles & Dogbones Do I Need?

Yacht ropes: a brief guide to cover materials

Polyform Fenders - 40 Years of Experience in Boat Protection

KZ Racefurlers - Performance Code Zero Furlers

From Clutches to Furling, What We Can All Take From The IMOCAs - A Conversation With Oliver Heer Ocean Racing

The Spinlock RIG SENSE – Find your optimum rig tension and keep it!

Introducing Flipper™ – The World’s First Foldable Winch Handle

Sea Sure Marine Hardware – Dedicated to Quality Dinghy Components

The Best Lopolight Navigation Lights for Sailboats from 12 - 20 Meters

Looking for the perfect gift for a sailor? Upffront has you covered!

Top 5 Tips To Get Your Boat Winter Ready

The Best Sailing Technology from the METS DAME Awards 2022

Evolution of the IRC code zero - A conversation with North Sails

Achieving a Stable Reaching Setup - An Interview With North Sails

Martin Breaker - The Ejector Seat of Spinnaker Drops

Best Navigation Lights Set Up for a 12 Meter sailboat from Lopolight

Clutches & Jammers - A Simple and Reliable Rope Holding Solution

Choosing the right Deck Organiser For Your Sailboat

Prepping your Pit - A Sailors Guide

Icom IC-M25 Handheld VHF Radio - An Important Part of Your Safety Kit

Lopolight Navigation Lights - It's all about safety at sea

The DCSolar Power Move - Making Power Portable

Which Fenders do I need for Offshore Racing?

Rocna Anchor - Rock Solid Performance

Navisafe Navilights – Small, Powerful and Versatile Navigation Lights

What should I have in my grab bag? A boat safety essential

VSG Lifejackets - Combining Safety with Comfort

How many fenders do I need for my boat? – A complete guide

Which Service Kit for my Andersen Winch

Best Practice for Eco Friendly Waste Disposal

Premiumropes Eco - Turning Bottles Into Ropes

Sailserver, Your Sailing Adventure Data Log

How to Anchor Your Boat the Eco-Friendly Way

Do you need a set of storm sails?

Race through the night with Mantagua Racing Lights

Karver KFEC Eco Furlers - A better future and a better furler

Simrad Tillerpilot - A Cost Effective Extra Pair Of Hands

NEXe Furler - Effortless Furling powered by Profurl

What's The Right Sheet For My Boat?

Sika® adhesives and sealants - strong and sustainable

Code Zero or Gennaker Furler - how to choose the right one?

Get a grip! What’s the right halyard rope for my sailing boat?

The Best Code 0 furlers for 25-30ft Sailing Boats

FourthCape WeedWand - Don't go overboard clearing your rudders!

Armare Zero Twist Torsional Ropes

ROPEYE - Back to the Future!

Just the two of us... sponsors UKDHOS for 2022

Ronstan snap shackles – A more affordable alternative to a sailing staple?

Outils Oceans Rope Bag - In Collaboration with Racers

Selden Bowsprits: An elegant solution that really stands out!

All-New Marine Electronics Tech - Smartlink2 Load Cell

Sailmon & Cyclops Combo – Improve Your Performance from the Start Line

Sailmon MAX – the sailing display built to challenge you

Which is the right Lewmar boat anchor for me?

Trogear Bowsprits - Installing above Existing Bow Rollers

What's New in 2023: Sailing Hardware and Rigging

How to set a boat anchor in 3 simple steps

Wichard MXEvo 2:1/3:1 Blocks - Often imitated but tough to beat

Antal Barber Block – Impeccable Design

Fendress Fenders – No Compromise Inflatable Yacht Fenders

How to Choose a Spinlock Deckvest & Accessories

Best Sailing Boat Blocks in 2023

The C-Tech SnuffAir - Lighter than Air!

Antal Roller Cleat – A Sleek Solution for Mooring

Choosing the right shackle – Where do I start?

Harken Electric Winch Range Explained

Introducing the Spinlock Deckvest Range

Bamar RLG EVO ROLLGEN Top Down Furling System

The Best Sail Race Computer - Velocitek Prostart or the Novasail NS-START. Pro?

Morfrac Systems Discuss the Future of Deck Hardware

Introducing Premium Ropes and Stirotex Fibre

Antal Soft Loop Hook – Light, Simple Line Control

Antal Electric Winch Range Explained

A New Twist on Soft Shackles - LOOP Cover Shackles

Andersen’s Compact Electric Winches: Space-saving Saviour or Subpar Alternative?

Stay Safe with Mantagua’s Certified NAVIPRO Navigation Lights

Karver KF V3 Furler Accessories Guide

Electric Sailboat Winch – Horizontal, Vertical or Compact Motor?

MORFRAC and 3D Printing -  A Success Story

Lewmar EVO® Winches – Made to Last

Karver Winches – A Truly Unique Proposition

What size electric sailboat winch do I need?

The nke Multidisplay – All of your boat data in one place

Quality Cruising with Andersen’s Electric Winch Range

Gottifredi Maffioli Safeline Max – Dyneema® lifelines for yachts

Antal Manual Winches: Plain Top & Self-Tailing for Cruisers & Racers

Save your Metal, and your Wallet with Tef-Gel!

10 raisons d'opter pour un winch électrique

Exploring the Karver KBO Block Range

Ronstan Cam Cleats: Lighter, Stronger and Kinder to Ropes

Ronstan SHOCK Blocks - Simple Efficient Low Friction Rings

Harken Small Boat Furlers - From 14ft Dinghy to 30ft Sportsboat

The Differences Between Harken Radial and Performa Winches

New Product Launch - Karver V3 Furlers

Velocitek Prostart V2 - improve your race starts

How Long is my Furling Line?

Continuous vs Discontinuous Standing Rigging

Celebrating Curves with the LOOP Flexi Stick-on

Running Rigging Configurator

Ubi Maior Italia - FR Furler Range

Straight Talking – Mast and Standing Rigging Terminology

Sailboat Composite Standing Rigging – Material Options

Sailing Autopilot Systems - Key Components

Composite Rigging – what are the benefits?

Torsional Ropes vs Cables

Adding a Staysail? Inner Forestay Setup Options

Improve Your Sailing Performance – 3 Simple, Cost Effective Upgrades

Stripping and recovering yacht ropes – when, where and why?

Alphalock Halyard Locks – Simply the Best?

Sailboat Hardware Soft Attachments – Fad or Paradigm Shift?

smartlink – Live Rig Load Data at your Fingertips

LOOP Products: An Innovative Twist to the Stick-on Padeye

9 Uses for PROtect Tapes ‘Millionaires’ Tape

Morf Block: Evolution in the DNA

Plug & Play Forestay Load with the Cyclops Marine Smarttune

Sailboat Load Data - Optimising Hardware and Rigging Design

Replacing your Karver Furler Quick Release Spring Kit

Finding your way around

Sailboat Deck Organisers – Let’s get organised!

Novasail Tactical Race Computers - First off the Line

Morf Block merges into Morfrac Systems

The Low-Down on High-load Dinghy Blocks

Spinlock’s XTX - the latest innovation in rope holding

Ubi Maior X3M Flight Blocks – the Compact, High Flyer

Allen Brothers - dedicated to manufacturing excellence

nke - Finding Their True Course

Ewincher - An alternative to electric winches?

"Vang-on!" - with Pauger Performance and Style

Extending your reach with Ronstan Tiller Extensions

Bamar’s Got Your Back… stay!

FSE Robline Rope for Sale

PROtect Tapes SPK: The Retro-Revolution?

Harken Reflex Furler: Always adapting to stay ahead of the game

Join Us On The Foredeck!

Andersen winch: Laser focus on a simple, reliable, high-quality design

Downwind Turbo-charge with a Facnor Bowsprit

Guest Blog - Turbo-Charge your Ride with a Staysail

What’s so special about the Ronstan Orbit Range?

An introduction to the all-new!

Gottifredi Maffioli Cruising Lines Explained

Karver’s Double Whammy at the DAME Awards

Armare Ropes: Local Ropemaker to America's Cup Supplier

Robline Rope: Cruising Ranges Explained

nke Depth and Speed sensors explained

Tylaska Cone and Plug Fids explained

Velocitek: Get your Electronics Strapped-in

Tuff Luff head foils - Care and Maintenance

Sailing Hardware and Rigging Innovation at METs 2019

Soft Attachment Blocks - The Basics

Bamar’s RLG EVO – Code 0 Furler

Trogear Bowsprits: A good enough reason to drill a hole through your bow

Spinlock Clutches and Jammers - Remote Operation

Andersen Sailing Winch - making the right choice.

Ino-ending - The end of the line?

Calculating your Sail Areas

Is it a Halyard Swivel, Top Swivel or just a Swivel!?

How to Change the Cover on a Cousin Constrictor® Textile Rope Clutch in 7 Steps

Product review: Facnor Flatfurl structural furler

What makes Gottifredi Maffioli Superswift rope so super?

PROtect Tapes One Design

We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

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