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Published Date: October 15 2020

Gottifredi Maffioli Running rigging

We are pleased to announce our Custom Splicing, running rigging service at We have created a configurator to allow you to build and order finished sheets and halyards online. We have started with a small range of Gottifredi Maffioli lines but, if you like it, we hope to expand this range in the future. The lines are built by hand-picked, high quality rigging partners from around the world.


Where to find them

You can find this new “Custom Spliced Lines” subcategory under the main Running Rigging category on the website. The first step we recommend is to choose your required line diameter (from 6 – 12mm) which will currently take you to a choice of 2-4 different line ranges. We have selected these to provide a good cross section from budget to more performance orientated lines:


  • T90 – is a good quality, double polyester cruising line, at a reasonable price
  • Silvertech – has a Dyneema® / Polypropylene core with a particularly tight polyester braided cover for enhanced abrasion resistance. This could be classed as a performance cruising product.
  • Powersprint – Loads increase with boat size and from 50ft upwards a Dyneema® core is advisable. Powersprint has a SK78 core with polyester cover and makes an excellent halyard or sheet for club racers or offshore cruisers
  • Powertech – is a step up from the Powersprint with the addition of Technora® in the braided cover to provide improved abrasion/heat resistance, plus better grip in clutches or around winches.

How to Configure

Once you have selected the appropriate line it is time to configure your sheet, halyard or control line. With each selection you make the overall price will automatically update.


Custom spliced lines configurator


  • Colour – these are updated regularly based on stock availability
  • Length – The lines are priced in one metre increments. If you need a very specific length, select the length just bigger than the finished length required and provide the exact finished length in the Notes section
  • Configure the ends – we have x5 options at each end:
    • A covered eye spice - a double braid splice or maximum strength
    • A covered eye splice with whatever hardware/connector you require. In this instance you should note the required hardware in the space available, but you will need to add it into the cart as a separate item. N.B. some recommended hardware options are shown at the bottom of the page but you can chose anything you like from the site.
    • A Flemish eye – which is an eye in the tail, made using just the outer cover. This is a neat, lightweight, cost effective way to terminate a line which is particularly useful on halyards for tying on a mouse line!
    • Whipping - the classic way to finish a line to stop it fraying
    • Cut length – Select Cut length for both ends if you do not need any finishing at all and just require a length cut from the roll, to work with yourself.

Finally make any comments in the Notes section and tell us what you are using the line for in the dropdown box.When you add the product in the cart you will see a summary of the details you have provided. Please double check all the details and add any extra hardware to your cart before checking out.


If you have any questions about custom rope configurations , please feel free to email us at, or click the link below to see our full range:

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