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Published Date: January 22nd, 2024


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Recently we've introduced the latest Vakaros Atlas 2 sailing instrument to our shop and compared it in our review to other top sailing instruments. This is a highly accurate GPS computer that is designed to enhance precision and reliability on the water. Loaded with cutting-edge technology, the Atlas 2 is a top-tier portable sailing instrument. At we are always sharing the latest development in sailing systems and this blog will guide you through the main features of the Atlas 2 device.

Founded with the mission of enhancing sailing experience through cutting-edge technology, Vakaros emerged as a response to the frustrations faced by sailors using outdated and limited instruments back in 2019. Witnessing the challenges faced by existing technology at the time, the founders envisioned a game-changing solution and the original Atlas was born. Featuring powerful sensors, intelligent algorithms, a revolutionary user interface, and a 75-hour rechargeable battery, the goal was to redefine sailing instrumentation.

Vakaros Atlas 2 - the latest release


This innovative approach allowed Vakaros to continually improve the original Atlas through simple software updates via the Vakaros Connect app. Shift tracking, time-to-line calculations, and industry-leading 10 Hz data logging were among the array of features continuously added to the Atlas, solidifying its position as the top-performing instrument on the water.


Then, after three years Vakaros unveiled the next evolution — the Atlas 2. Building upon the success and lessons learned from the original Atlas, the Atlas 2 incorporates technology that surpasses its predecessor. A critical aspect of a sailing instrument's performance lies in its sensors, and the Atlas 2 takes this to the next level. Unlike traditional GPS devices limited to the L1 band, the Atlas 2 is among the first products to receive both L1 and L5 signals. While L1 provides general accuracy, the addition of L5, the newest and most advanced GPS signal, ensures exceptional precision, especially in challenging sailing environments.


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Featuring wireless connectivity, smooth integration with external sensors, wireless charging, and various on-the-water tools, this device introduces practical opportunities for effective on and off the water tracking and analysis.

Vakaros Atlas 2 key features - let's have a look:


1. GNSS Reception: The Atlas 2 is the first sailing instrument with dual-band, L1 + L5 GNSS reception, delivering positional accuracy to a few centimeters. Optimised for L1 + L5 signals, it corrects ionosphere errors and minimises multi-path interference, providing an unprecedented 50 cm positional accuracy.


GNSS_Accuracy_ComparisonImage credit - Vakaros

2. Multi-Constellation Reception: With the ability to receive signals from GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou, the Atlas 2 ensures reliable navigation under diverse conditions, making it a choice for sailors of all types.

3. Enhanced Magnetic Compass: Boasting a state-of-the-art magnetic sensor, the Atlas 2 achieves 4 times greater sensitivity and 0.1° heading resolution. Coupled with gyro stabilisation and a motion fusion algorithm operating at 50 Hz, this instrument maintains a steady course, even in challenging conditions.

4. Tailored for Winning Starts: Used by dinghy sailors as well as larger racing boats, the Atlas 2 is designed to give you the winning edge at the start. Advanced sensors and algorithms provide accurate distance and time-to-line data, ensuring you hit the starting line on time and at full speed.

In addition, Atlas 2 enhances the pre-start functionality by providing a time to line estimation based on a target upwind speed, determined through a pre-race walk-through involving brief upwind sailing on each tack to ensure accuracy for current conditions.

5. Customisable User Interface: You can build a tailored interface with the Layout Builder, allowing you to access the information that matters most to you.

6. Data Compilation and Sharing: The Atlas 2 logs valuable telemetry data every time it's on, allowing you to analyse and improve your performance. Vakaros Connect App allows to share your achievements on the water with sailing friends by adding photos and connecting with the community.

7. Extended Battery Life: With a remarkable 100+ hours of battery life, the Atlas 2 ensures you stay powered throughout week-long regattas or distance races. The wireless Qi charging pad provides hassle-free recharging, and a quick 20-minute charge can power your instrument for a full 10-hour day on the water.



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The Vakaros Connect App stands out as an exceptional feature, facilitating easy interaction with device settings and customisations. When paired with the Atlas 2, this smartphone app unlocks a myriad of additional features, such as customisable displays and sounds, access to logged data, and seamless firmware upgrades.


Vakaros ConnectApp screens, images copyright - Vakaros

Sailing instrument with class-compliant mode


For those sailors who belong to one-design sailing classes, that do not permit the use of GPS devices onboard, it's important to be able to disable the GPS-mode. During the setup, opt to include a boat profile in class-compliant mode, including only the data permitted by your class rules. Vakaros provides preset rules for various Classes, accessible from a drop-down menu, but you also have the flexibility to manually customise the settings. The data log serves as evidence that your sailing adhered to class-compliant mode. For practice sessions, you can create an additional profile without class restrictions and use the full functionality of the device.


Here’s a short video from Vakaros introducing their revolutionary device: 



Buying Vakaros Atlas 2 - what do you get?


In conclusion, the Atlas 2 sailing instrument introduces a new era in precision and reliability. With dual-band L1 + L5 GPS reception, advanced magnetic compass technology, and a range of customisable features, it stands out as a versatile tool for sailors of all levels. From optimised start management to extended battery life, the Atlas 2 enhances sailing experience without compromise. Included in the package are the Atlas 2, a mount, a Qi charging pad, and a carrying case. Discover more technical specifications in our products descriptions and compare the Atlas 2 to other sailing instruments in a comprehensible comparison table.



If you have any questions about Vakaros Atlas 2 and other sailing instruments or need help choosing one of the products on our website, please feel free to email us at to talk to one of our experts. 


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