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Published Date: December 3 2021

Sailmon onboard a yacht

Sailing display Sailmon MAX is a modern racing sailboat computer that works via GPS positioning - tracking speed, angle to the wind, bearing and a number of other parameters. Traditionally, dinghy and small keelboat sailing has been all about feel and experience. With modern technology, these sailors are able to improve their performance by seeing what their strengths are and where they can make improvements thanks to data analysis.

In 2020, the Dutch hardware and software developer Sailmon released their own take on portable racing GPS computer for smaller boats, called Sailmon MAX. Founded by three-time Olympic sailor, Kalle Coster, Sailmon has been creating world-class sailing displays, high-performance processors, and innovative cloud solutions for sailing analysis for many years, with the aim to make sailing more fun and challenging for racers.

Taking all of that experience Sailmon have created one of the most innovative and easy to use sail racing devices on the market. A portable GPS computer designed to inspire competition and record breaking. As Sailmon put it: "No one gets challenged by unrecorded performances!"


Meet Sailmon MAX




The Sailmon Max is an all-in-one GPS unit with built-in Bluetooth and WIFI to wirelessly connect to other sensors and instruments on board your boat. It features easy to touch buttons on the top and sides for navigating through pre-configured menus on the fly.

Start strong

When starting a race, the Sailmon MAX uses military-grade GPS to guide you to the starting line helping you get there with perfect timing. The start timer can also be adjusted with three buttons on top of the device, one to reset the countdown timer and the other two to add or subtract time to/from your running countdown, to ensure you reach the start line at just the right time.

Stay informed

The Sailmon MAX is capable of showing a whole range of information such as speed, heading, pitch or heel, as well as any data from connected onboard sensors. If your boat doesn’t have speed or wind sensors, the Sailmon MAX is also capable of connecting to nearby coach boats so that you can share their data!

Make sure you sail on lifts and tack on headers. The Header / Lift indicator helps you make the right decision and become better every time you go out sailing.


The Sailmon App has been designed specifically to work with the Sailmon MAX to get the most out of all the data you collect, while out in the water. This data can be used to see how you performed, how your friends or competitors performed, and how you can improve next time you’re out.

Sailmon APP

Your Sailmon App generates insights and statistics such as your best speed, best upwind performance and fastest 500M. This can also be shared live during the race to give you and your friends live challenges to beat.

The App automatically splits your sailing trip into legs, so you can focus on details and sections, rather than a full race. This can help you to see where your strengths are, and where you could improve.
Analyse performanceIf you want to get even more in depth, you can pick any moment from your entire race and see what your speed, heading, heel angle and pitch were at that exact moment, or watch the entire race in real time on a GPS style map! 

The data can also be exported for use with systems like KND or Sailnord for a highly detailed level of analysis.

Sailmon MAX: Technical specifications

Sailmon MAX screen


  • The Sailmon MAX is 93mm x 118mm x 22mm and weighs 275 grams.
  • The screen is a 320 x 240 pixel, 4 x 4” transflective LCD display with an anti-refection front glass.
  • It features soft keys on top and sides for menu navigation, calibration, pinging and other controls. 

    ”The clarity of the screen is fantastic, easily visible from all angles and without any glare on the screen. The added functionality that you don’t get on other displays such as heel and pitch are nice to reference” – says Kyle Langford, SailGP Winner and Americas Cup pro sailor.

    Sailmon MAX has been designed around being completely waterproof. It has no sockets or entry points whatsoever. Sailmon have opted to use wireless charging, Bluetooth and WiFi to connect with external systems. That means that there is no chance of accidentally not plugging a port and risking water ingress. It features a 3600 mAh lithium-polymer battery.

If you are looking for a truly competitive sailing experience, you are interested in how you stack up compared to previous races, your friends or world champions, or you just want to see where you could improve, the Sailmon MAX is a great addition to your sailing.

If you have any questions about Sailmon MAX, please feel free to email us at, or click the link below to see our full range:



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