Introducing Flipper™ – The World’s First Foldable Winch Handle

Published Date: December 16 2022



Are you a sailor looking for an innovative way to make sailing easier? Look no further than Flipper™ the world's first foldable winch handle. This handle is designed to be compact and efficient, making it easy to manoeuvre. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Flipper™ so special. 


How Flipper™ Works 

Flipper™is designed to make your life easier by saving time and space. It features a unique folding design that allows you to release and wrap the sheet without removing the handle from the winch. 

In addition to its compact size, Flipper™ also has several other useful features that make it stand out from traditional winch handles. Due to it being kept in the winch and out of the way it helps create easier and faster manoeuvres and is always there ready when you need it. Not only does it help speed up your manoeuvres, but it also stops the worry of losing a winch handle overboard. 


4 Configurations:

Flipper™ can be used in 4 different configurations which we explore below.



Flipper™closes on the winch and allows you to furl or let the sheet go smoothly.


flipper winch handle Closed-2


Half Open

To enable quick manoeuvres 


flipper winch handle half open-1



This is a standard-sized lever in this position




Extended - 30cm

Use the extended lever for more precision over your manoeuvre.


flipper winch handle extended-1


Finally, we mention its durability. Made out of high-quality aluminium alloy material and stainless steel joints, you can rest assured that Flipper™ will stand up against harsh weather conditions and become an essential piece of kit for every voyage. 


Want to know more? Watch the video below:



The Flipper™ foldable Winch Handle is the perfect addition to any sailor's toolkit. This innovative product speeds up your manoeuvres while conveniently folding away. So next time you lose a winch handle overboard think about purchasing the Flipper™ Foldable Winch Handle.


If you have any questions about the Flipper™ winch handle, please feel free to email us at, or click the link below:


Flipper Foldable Winch Handle

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