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Published Date: April 3 2020

Pauger carbon boom vang


Pauger is a Hungarian producer of high-performance racing boats and carbon composite rigs and components. The Pauger Carbon Vang has been around for 6+ years as a semi-custom product but has recently had a re-design to become one of the few production carbon vang options on the market, for yachts from 25-42 feet.

The original Pauger Carbon Vang was designed and produced when they began to supply carbon rigs for Dehler Yachts in 2013. Since then, many vangs have been sold to Dehler 34, 38, 41, and 42’s. The driver for the initial design was to create a stunning carbon mast, boom and vang options package which would provide a real showcase for the new Dehler ranges. With their specialist knowledge and experience in designing small scale custom composite components, Pauger went for a minimalist, sleek design with all components and purchase system enclosed within a carbon tube.


Pauger Carbon Boom Vang

Key benefits


• Sleek, minimalistic, clear-coat carbon design
• Simple, Lightweight and reliable
• Fully enclosed purchase system reducing windage and chance of damage


There are two standard sizes (Medium and Large) and both contain a gas spring, to hold the boom weight, plus an internal purchase system (5:1 and 7:1 on the larger size). The Purchase line exists from the top / boom-end of the vang, which offers the opportunity to add an additional purchase on the outside of the vang, if required.


Pauger Carbon Vang



Boat size (ft)

25 – 38ft

36 – 42ft

Max length (mm)



Pin Diameter (mm)



Complete weight (kg)

1,5 - 2,4

3,0 - 4,3

Gas spring (mm stroke / N return force)

100 / 1200

100 / 2500


5:1 (6mm rope)

7:1 (8mm rope)


The two vang sizes have a maximum length but can be cut to a custom length to suit your boat. Your preferred vang length just needs to be specified at the time of your order. The vangs are supplied complete with gas spring and purchase line fitted, ready for installation.


Pauger Carbon boom vang body


Important Note


There are two critical elements to vang installation

  1. The overall length
  2. The interface between mast and boom brackets.

To get the correct vang length, you should measure the distance between pin centres of mast and boom brackets, with the boom in a horizontal position. It is also extremely important to make sure your mast/boom attachment points are compatible with the pin diameter and dimensions of the carbon ends. Custom modifications can be made relatively easily, for minimal cost, however, it is an important consideration at specification stage.




Well over 100+ Pauger Carbon Vangs have been supplied to custom one-off projects, a large number of Dehler yachts and the Luka 30 one design class. If you are looking for a performance advantage and “bragging rights” on the dock, then for only a marginal price increase on a standard aluminium solid vang, the Pauger Carbon Vang could be just what you have been looking for!


If you have any questions about Pauger boom vangs, please feel free to email us at support@upffront.com, or click the link below to see our full range:


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