Wichard MXEvo 2:1/3:1 Blocks - Often imitated but tough to beat

Published Date: September 24 2021

Wichard MXEvo on boom


Wichard’s expertise comes from over 100 years of forging safety parts for the manufacturing industry, so when it came to designing boat fittings, strength and safety have always been at the top of their priority list.


This is evident in the Wichard MXEvo 2:1/3:1 Block range, but it is the simple, functional design that makes this piece of hardware stand out from the crowd.

Technically, the MXEvo is a friction sheave, with a smooth bearing surface around which a halyard or control line can pass through. The addition of an attachment point (becket), to act as a dead-end for the line, turns this from a 2:1 into a 3:1 purchase system, and makes it suitable for a large range of different applications.


Block or Shackle?


When this design first came onto the market it was commonly called the MX Shackle. An early application was to replace a standard / snap, shackle underneath a continuous line furling drum to provide a lightweight, reliable 2:1 purchase system to control luff tension in a code zero or asymmetric sail. Therefore, it was a logical “extension” of a shackle. However, sailors quickly started to realise that this simple, efficient design could also be used to replace the more bulky ball-bearing block on their furling swivel, for their 2:1 halyard. In their latest design iteration, Wichard have added a becket, which is a clear signal that the MXEvo has now officially evolved from a shackle to a block.


Wichard MXEvo with pin

MXEvo as a 2:1 Halyard Block on Profurl Swivel

The Wichard MXEvo has two pin types:


The Captive pin version should be used when the MXEvo needs to be regularly removed. For example: 2:1 halyards on mainsails, spinnakers or gennaker or on the bottom of a furling drum.

MXevo allen 2

A more permanent solution, the flush mounted Allen head pin is suitable for mastfoot, or main outhaul, blocks and running backstays.

The MXLEvo

Building on the popularity and flexibility of the MXEvo, Wichard have created a soft attachment version called the MXLevo. They have blended a forged HR Stainless steel low friction bearing surface with an easy to open/close soft loop attachment system. This is ideal for mast foot blocks, 2:1 halyards, barber haulers and snatch block applications.
MX LEVO side

See how the MXEvo and MXLevo range compare with this attribute comparison guide

Block Rope size (mm) Dimensions (mm) Working Load (kg) Breaking load (kg) Weight
MXEvo 6 Allen 8 53x26 720 1700 48
MXLEvo 10 10 30x40 800 2000 40
MXEvo 6 Captive Pin 8 53x26 1040 2300 53
MXEvo 8 Allen 10 62x36 1300 3500 100
MXLEvo 12 12 40x54 1600 3800 90
MXEvo 8 Captive 10 62x36 1760 4100 109
MXEvo 10 Allen 14 77x44 1760 5000 204
MXLEvo 16 16 47x60 2500 5000 140
MXEvo 10 Captive 14 77x44 2640 6000 222


In-line with the rapid acceptance of Friction sheaves and low friction rings, replacing traditional bearing blocks, and with a working load range from 700-2600Kg, the Wichard MXevo / MXLevo blocks can be utilised in a host of different applications


If you have any questions about the MXEvo and MXLevo blocks, then please do not hesitate to contact us at support@upffront.com. Otherwise, get more detailed information on the range by clicking the link below.

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