New Product Launch - Karver V3 Furlers

Published Date: November 25 2020

Karver V3 KF Furler


Karver have just released details of a major redesign of their entire KF continuous line furler range. Almost 20 years of end user feedback and manufacturing experience have been brought together in this extensive upgrade. We are busy working to get the new range online but in the meantime, here is a summary of the key features of the 2021 Karver V3 KF Furlers.

The new range is split into four distinct categories with their own defining features: Standard (KF) - the default range, Racing (KFR) - specifically orientated to optimum performance, Classic (KFC) - for an increasing number of classic yacht enthusiasts looking to blend traditional style with modern technology, and Structural (KFX) - continuous line furlers which have some specialist requirements for structural furling forestays.


Karver KF V3 versions


Key New Features


Carbon / Kevlar wheel
This is a fundamental design change and is standard across the whole range. Made from Carbon with Kevlar teeth, to provide extra grip on the furling line, this new wheel is significantly lighter than the previous aluminium wheel. However, the overall, all-up drum weight is similar to the previous V2 range because the Karver design team chose to use this weight advantage to make improvements in robustness and reliability in other areas.

Karver KF V3 Carbon-Kevlar Wheel

K-Krok Protection
An easily removable, sacrificial composite band around the drum and a collar on the swivel means that they are simple to maintain to ensure the deck / mast are protected from unnecessary impact damage.

Drum material
The default drum material is the same as on previous models, because it has been found to be incredibly durable. However, the KFR Race line now comes with a carbon drum as standard and the KFC Classic range can have a wood veneer applied to the upper surface of the wheel to help blend in with the classic yacht aesthetic. Veneers are available in a range of different wood finishes.

Compact K-Snap
Introduced for the first time last year, on the baby Karver KF0.9, this innovative fitting combines a snap shackle with a 2:1 purchase and is now the default fitting across the new KF Standard and KFC Classic ranges. It carries a small weight penalty, but the new wheel more than offsets this and the benefit was considered to outweigh the cost.


Karver KF V3 K-Snap

New bearing design
Another area to benefit from the weight reduction of the new carbon / Kevlar wheel is the bearing system in both drum and swivel. They have been upgraded to reduce friction and improve durability/reliability.

Simple assembly
The whole assembly has been simplified to make maintenance and repair much easier. The drum breaking down into 3 core pieces: wheel, drum and lower fitting, with the removal of just x4, easily accessible bolts.

Stainless Jaw
The KFC Classic and KFX Structural V3 versions have stainless-steel jaws as standard. On the Classic range this is for the polished stainless aesthetic, and for strength reasons on the structural furlers.

Range explained


Custom sizes are available on request but the standard V3 range goes from 0.9T up to 12T Safe Working Load (SWL). Units in the range are defined by their SWL. Karver have kept the V2 sizes of 0.9, 1.5, 8.0, 10 and 12, however, they have replaced the old 2.5 / 5.0 with 3 new sizes: 3.0, 4.5 and 6.0. This will provide a much smoother transition between sizes in the core 40-60ft yacht size range.

In addition, the 1.5 and 3.0 are also available in a large wheel diameter version, specifically designed to provide more powerful furling for code zeros. The smaller drums are more suited to smaller boats in the size/load range plus top-down furling, where a smaller drum diameter is beneficial, as it delivers a faster furl.


Karver KF1.5 STD vs Large

V3 Karver KF1.5 standard vs KF1.5 large wheel


Finally, with the launch of the new V3 KF range, Karver are saying goodbye to the KFS dedicated top down furling drums. For top down furling they will now exclusively use the KTS Top down Adapter which has gained traction in the cruising world for its flexibility (i.e. enables you to use a single drum for multiple sails) but is increasingly becoming the preferred option for grand prix race boats as well.

If you have any questions about Karver code zero furlers, please feel free to email us at, or click the link below to see our full range:

See the range


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