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Published Date: July 9 2022

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Andersen sailing winches have a strong record for service and support. However, after 60 years of product evolution, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of which of their service kits is required for each of the winch models. In this blog we provide a comprehensive quick reference guide on identifying the correct spare parts for your Andersen winches.


Service Kit Range

Andersen service kits are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 ..... etc and there are approximately 30 different kits. They contain the crucial spare parts for regular maintenance, which is generally replacement pawls & springs, bearings, circlips and essential screws. However, the parts in each kit are specific to each type/size of winch and also vary depending on the age of the winch. Some sizes of Andersens winches have been remodelled 2-4 times and each version can require a different service kit. Therefore it is important to know which Andersen winch you have!


Identifying your winch
Before buying any spare parts or service kits it is essential that you know the size/model, year of manufacture and version number. The winch size is clearly visible and stamped on the top of the winch e.g. 46 is size 46. Then it is important to know if you have either a Self-tailing or a Classic winch: If your size 46 winch has a self tailing arm, Andersen refers to this as a 46ST and all plain-top winches are referred to as the Classic range.

Andersen Self-Tailing Winch

Self-Tailing Winch

Andersen Classic plain-top Winch

Classic (Plain-Top) Winch


Andersen have consistently stamped the serial number information on the top side of the deck flange, between the mounting bolt holes, which is clearly visible when you lift off the polished stainless drum (N.B. on very old winches, a similar stamp was placed on the bottom side of the flange).


Andersen Winches Product Identification Code


The format is always the same for serial numbers: Year, Month and version number (YY-MM-Vxx). For the Electric and Hydraulic motor units a serial number starting with “PS” is stamped on the top flange of the gearbox housing.


Service Kits for Andersen Stainless Self-tailing Winch 
The table below shows a full list of all Andersen’s stainless self-tailing winches (both past and present models) and the correct winch service kit for each model.

Winch Size Year / Version Service Kit No.
12ST 11/2005 and earlier 1
12ST Current Model 18
18ST Current Model 18
28ST 11/2005 and earlier 1
28ST Current Model 18
34ST Current Model 18
40ST Current Model 1
46ST Years 1982-1993 2
46ST Years 1993-1996 11
46ST 1997 up to 07/2006 17
46ST Current Model 19
48ST Discontinued model 19
50ST Current Model 19
52ST 08/2009 and earlier 8
52ST Current Model 21
56ST Discontinued model 3
58ST Current Model 12
62ST Current Model 12
66ST Discontinued model 3
68ST Current Model 13
72ST Current Model 13
78ST Discontinued model 7
82.3ST Current Model 40
110ST Current Model 9


Service Kits for Andersen Classic Winch Range
The table below shows a full list of all Andersen’s Classic winches (both past and present models) and the correct winch service kit for each model.

Classic Winch Size Current / Discontinued Service Kit No.
6 Discontinued model 6
10 Current Model 4/6
16 Discontinued model 4/6
18 Current Model 4/6
28 Current Model 4/6
40 Current Model 4/6
46 Current Model 4/6
56 Discontinued model 5
90 Discontinued model 14
91 Current Model 14
92 Discontinued model 14
100 Discontinued model 15
101 Current Model 15
102 Current Model 15


In the above table, Service Kit 4 is the full service kit for these winches, which includes replacement pawls & springs plus circlips. However, Service 6 can be used for intermediate services to replace springs and circlips - it just does not include replacement pawls.



Properly maintained, there is no reason your Andersen winches cannot last the life of your boat. Andersen recommend inspection, cleaning and greasing of all moving parts every two years, under "normal" recreational use, or annually for heavier use e.g. racing, chartering or blue water cruising.


If you have any questions about servicing your Andersen winches you can contact us at support@upffront.com or you can buy your Andersen Service Kits online by following the link below:

Andersen Service Kits

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