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Novasail’s ethos is to ‘be first off the start’, and that is certainly the focus of their NS360 and NS-START ranges of race computers. These yacht race computers offer similar functionality to the more well-known alternative, Velocitek Prostart, which you can read about in more detail here
The NS360 is their full functioning race computer, whereas the functionality of the NS-Start is wholly focussed on getting you off the start line in pole position. In fact, what are now called the Pocket versions were the original Novasail products (360 and START) which have now evolved into a second, improved V2 iteration. However, following on the success of these dinghy orientated products, Novasail decided to build more powerful PRO versions of the 360 and START, with more functionality in a slightly bigger and more robust package.


NS360 Pocket V2


Building on the original NS360 pocket, the V2 has been designed to be more user friendly and tougher than the original.

The V2 features a new, more responsive button panel and a higher contrast LCD screen, making it easier to read the screen and make adjustments in bright weather conditions, The V2 also has the addition of a red-amber backlight to ensure the screen is visible and clear at all times of the day or evening. These features are now available on all current Novasail race computers.

NS360 Pro




The NS360 Pro was designed as a much more streamlined and modern version of the V2. It’s larger screen (33mm digit height vs 24mm for the Pocket) and button layout make it easier to use quickly and efficiently while sailing. It has dedicated buttons for the main timer, plus the boat and pin ends of the line, to allow any crew member to launch the sequence in a matter of seconds. The Pro does have some additional features not found on the V2:

• Light sensor for auto backlight
• Dedicated Header / Lift indicator
• Live NMEA Bluetooth connectivity

The NS360 Pro is the most comprehensive race computer available from Novasail.

NS-START Pocket V2


NS-START Pocket V2


Released after the NS360, the NS-START range has been stripped down further to focus almost entirely on the start of the race. For example, relative to the NS360 Pocket V2, the NS-START Pocket V2 has sacrificed the following features:

• 9-Axis true Magnetic compass
• VMG mode
• Header / lift indicator

The result is a simple to use instrument which is dedicated to the start sequence





Again, the Start Pro is an evolution in design and functionality from the Pocket V2 and laser focused on giving sailors the strongest start possible without distraction.

The NS-START Pro features only two buttons, for the committee boat and pin end of the line. Making it very quick and efficient to launch the start sequence almost instantly.


Range Features
All four of these race computers are fairly similar internally. The main differences between them is the look and a variation on the features relating to each instrument. Below you will information on all the features available for each model (see table), as well as variations on size and weight.

GPS Speedo & Compass
An all-in-one GPS receiver to deliver precise heading information. This can be set to one of three sensitivities (low, medium or high) depending on your boat, style and the weather conditions.

Count Down Timer
A timer that can easily be set or synchronised.

GPS Data Logger
Allows you to send sailing data to your computer via Bluetooth for analysis.

Distance to Start Line
Using GPS, the computer will help you to establish exactly where your bow is relative to the line. This information can easily be stored for reference when needed.

Waypoints & Routes
Use your laptop computer to set up to 100 waypoints and then send them to your race computer. Some models also allow you to store routes (up to 20).

True Magnetic Tactical Compass
The 360 range features a 9-axis gyro gimballed magnetic digital compass to build on the GPS speedo and deliver more reliable GPS data.

Central Bargraph
A bargraph to allow you to access any wind variations.

VMG Mode
The 360 models can also record the port and starboard headings in order to calculate ‘Velocity Made Good’

All navigation data can be wirelessly broadcast to a PC/Mac via Bluetooth.




NS360 Pocket V2 NS360.Pro NS-START Pocket V2 NS-START.Pro
GPS Speedo & Compass

Count Down Timer

GPS Data Logger

Distance to Start Line


x100 x100   x10


x20 x20    

True Magnetic Tactical Compass


Central Bargraph


VGM Mode




Screen Digit height (mm)

24 33 24 33

Weight (g)

260 470 260 470


This entire range of race computers run on one AA battery which allows for approx. 30 hours runtime.

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