PROtect Tapes - Introduction

We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.


A quick introduction to PROtect Tapes, why every boat owner should consider their onboard "protection" and two common applications.....

PROtect Tapes is an extensive range of protective solutions for racing, cruising and super yachts.


All PROtect Tapes are engineered by polymer, technical film and adhesive specialists working alongside professional sailors. The end result are solutions for the owners, boat captains, shore teams who need to get superior protective products.


What do they do?


Chafe and abrasion are common to every sailing boat and sea-going generally. Whether high performance racing or coastal cruising, a constant war is being waged on your mast, sails, rigging and deck by all the moving lines and hardware. PROtect tapes has a range of different tapes and larger sheets to apply in a variety of different applications to both protect the boat and enhance performance.


Common uses

They provide effective solutions to chafing, abrasion, scratches, damages, ageing and wear.


One of PROtect Tapes' most popular products is PROtect Headfoil: a lightweight chafe resistant tape for the leading edge of headfoils to protect the foil itself plus the sheets and sails from abrasion. The sheets and foil will require less maintenance, last longer and increase sailing performance by allowing the sheets to run faster around the forestay.


PROtect Mask is also the go-to rigging tape for professionals. Nicknamed "millionaires tape" (its not cheap!) it can be used for a wide variety of chafe and abrasion applications on standing and running rigging.


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