Introducing the Spinlock Deckvest Range

Published Date: July 8 2021

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When it comes to safety, we know you want the best for yourself and your crew. Just launched on our website ‘Safety’ category are Spinlock Deckvests – the world-renowned go-to lifejacket for hobby sailors, offshore cruisers and racers alike.
What makes Deckvests so great?

Manufactured in Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK, Spinlock have pioneered a sleek, contemporary lifejacket design that disrupted the marine industry, providing the first technical and aesthetic change to lifejackets for over 30 years.

Whilst safety, high-spec materials and functional design are paramount, what makes the Spinlock Deckvest unique is that it is designed for comfortable wear, unlike traditional life jackets which can leave you feeling heavy and bulky with reduce mobility. The Deckvest on the other hand is compact, comfortable to wear and unobtrusive.

What makes this design possible, are the years of research and development behind the product. The materials are extremely durable and high quality. It is a testament to the good technology that the design can be so simplistic.

Spinlock lifejackets are used by the highly regarded Royal Yachting Association, and in races such as the Volvo Ocean Race, The Clipper Race, and by INEOS Team UK.

We have an extensive range online for both juniors and adults, in a variety of colours.

The buoyancy for these Deckvests is measured in Newtons. 100N+ rated jackets give a reasonable assurance of safety from drowning in relatively calm waters. 150N+ jackets are suitable for use in all but the most severe conditions. 275N+ are the most buoyant jackets.


deckvesrt lite

Deckvest Lite

The award winning Deckvest Lite is an automatically-inflating ultra-lightweight life jacket with a low profile design, making it a great choice for a diverse range of watersports enthusiasts plus families onboard. It features: easy side donning, a single crotch strap with a recessed clip, toggle attachment point for chest pack and is available in Black, Blue, White, Pink and Green. As the Lite doesn’t have a harness, it is suitable for day sailing only, but this is a light, bare essentials lifejacket which can be complimented with a range of accessories.

Suitable For: Fast craft, sailboats, power boats. Inshore & coastal waters.
Buoyancy: 170 N (Vest weight: 860g).



Deckvest Lite+
The Deckvest Lite+ is the same as the Lite, with the added integrated deck safety harness with soft hook safety line attachment point. This lifejacket is available in black only.
Suitable For: Fast craft, sailboats, power boats. Inshore & coastal waters.
Buoyancy: 170 N (Vest weight: 860g).


Deckvest 6D

Deckvest 6D
The Deckvest 6D has been designed with offshore cruising in mind. It is lightweight, front opening with automatic inflation and optional harness release system. This lifejacket is for all sailors who require a full specification offshore lifejacket with deck harness. The Deckvest 6D comes in colour options: black, white, yellow or blue.

Suitable for: Offshore Cruisers
Buoyancy: 170N (Vest weight: 1300g) or 275N (Vest weight: 1500g).



Deckvest Vito
The Deckvest Vito is a high specification lifejacket developed from Spinlock’s work with the Volvo Ocean Race. Similar to the D6, it has been built for performance offshore cruising and racing. The Vito includes a deck harness like plus course / fine tune strap adjustments which allows the user to quickly adapt to clothing layer changes, making it the perfect option for offshore racing and night sailing.

Suitable for: Offshore sailing, racing and night sailing
Buoyancy: 170N (Vest weight: 1240g) or 275N (Vest weight: 1500g).


Deckvest Cento

This is a range of Junior lifejackets with harness attachment, with a similar design and functionality to the Deckvest Lite. They come in bright blue and pink.

Suitable for: Children approx. 8-15 years old who weight 20kg-50kg.
Buoyancy: 100N (Vest weight: 720g).

Spinlock duro

This lifejacket has been designed specifically for commercial and marine professionals. It comes in black or bright orange for the best possible visibility.

Suitable for: Commercial use. Offshore oil rigs and fishermen.
Buoyancy: 170N (Vest weight: 950g) or 275N (Vest weight: 1250g).

All Deckvests are “one size fits all” with adjustable straps.

If you have any questions about Spinlock Deckvests or need help choosing right lifejacket, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Otherwise, get more detailed information on the Spinlock Deckvest range by clicking the link below.

Deckvest Range


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