What's New in 2021: Sailing Hardware and Rigging

Published Date: November 5 2021

METS DAME Awards 2021


The biggest marine equipment trade show (METS) is about to take place in Amsterdam later this month and they have just announced the 2021 DAME Design Award nominations, for what's new and exciting in leisure marine equipment. An independent panel of experts consider the expected impact on the marine industry of the entries, their suitability for intended purpose, the level of innovation, cost, ease of use or installation and environmental impact, in a number of different product categories.


In this blog we have pulled out a small selection of the more interesting sailing hardware nominations and we will be reporting in more detail from the show itself later this month.

Spinlock ZXB Jammer
This looks to be a development on their ZR Jammer range aimed at the next step up from Spinlock's popular XTS/XTR Clutches. Re-designed with a fresh aesthetic, improved functionality for modern rope finishes, with a focus on reducing size and weight, with higher performance and value.


Spinlock ZXB Jammer
Karver KF Furler Bio Koncept
The launch of the Karver V3 furler range earlier this year was one of the biggest developments in continuous line furlers we have seen for many years. Their standard, drum wheel, across the range, is made from carbon/kevlar, but it looks like Karver are introducing some bio resins / materials to improve their environmental credentials. It will be interesting to see if there are any technical, performance compromises compared to carbon?

Karver Bio Koncept Furler
Profurl Spinex
From the limited information available until the METS show opens (on 16 November), it looks like this is a relaunch / revamp of their existing top down furling system. It appears they have done away with the plastic balls along the cable in favour of a solid, foam gaiter and possibly they have improved the clamps on the cable terminations. We look forward to finding out more detail at the show.


Profurl Spinex
B&G Nemesis Display
This super-bright, multi-coloured, touchscreen display can be mounted on the mast or bulkhead locations to provide outstanding visibility. Available in 9" and 12" panels you can chose from preset templates, set up point-of-sail dashboards, or configure your own displays.

B&G Nemesis Display - 500
Calypso Instruments Ultrasonic Portable Mini
It might not be a catchy name (!) but this 40mm diameter, mini wind instrument has many potential applications. For just €249 this plug & play device can give you true and apparent wind speed / direction, direct to your smart phone or other wearable devices. Alternatively it can connect into your NMEA network to allow you to track and log your wind data.


Calypso Ultrasonic Wind Speed - 500
ACR Electronics Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
More interesting electronics developments. The ResQLink View RLS (another catchy name!) is the only PLB to provide survivors with a clear message to verify when rescue is on its way. This device uses Galileo GNSS Return Link alerting technology and incorporates additional user friendly features and functionality.

ACR ResQLink View RLS PLB - 500

This is just a small selection of the new products which will be on display for the first time at METS. Upffront.com will be at the show and we will bring you more details on these, and other new products / developments we find, in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about any sailing hardware or rigging issues you can contact us at support@upffront.com or find out more information on the website link below.

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