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Published Date: November 9 2018


FSE Robline Rope for Sale DinghyFSE Robline has an extensive range of lines specifically developed for dinghies and small sport boats. In this post, we discuss the different types of FSE dinghy lines and their recommended applications.


Dinghy Control is a great all-round line with a low-stretch, Dyneema SK78 core and a durable polyester cover for excellent hold in cleats. 




For a Grand Prix solution, the Ocean 3000 XG single braid, provides ultra-lightweight and low stretch.




For example: a 4mm Dinghy Control halyard weighs 11g/m with a break strength of 700 daN whereas you could change this out for a 3mm Ocean 3000 XG line that weighs 5g/m with a similar break (800daN).

Simply put: For the same load, Ocean 3000 XG weighs 54% less.

Vang Systems:


Dinghy Control would be the go-to line for most vang applications, with low stretch, good handling and excellent holding in cleats due to the Polyester cover.


The Ocean 3000 XG is excellent for smooth / fast running through sheaves within the purchase system. It is very stiff, which provides direct, accurate control and low windage.


If your dinghy is not that critical to vang adjustment then the 8 Plait Dinghy double braid with polyester cover and pre-stretched polyester core offers an excellent all-round, cost-effective solution which is compact, dimensionally stable, with very low water absorption and good grip in cleats.




Main/Gennaker Sheets:

Sheets should provide good handling and grip.


Coppa 5000 has a low stretch SK78 core and offers excellent responsiveness. The blended polyester/soft polyester/Technora cover provides optimum grip and excellent abrasion resistance. The 24-carrier cover also ensures quick, easy splicing/stripping to allow optimisation of the mainsheet system.




For general mainsheet applications, FSE recommend the high-quality polyester double braid cruising range: Orion 500, Sirius 300 and Sirius 500, with 16, 24 and 32 carrier cover braids respectively, the range provide increasing levels of durability, abrasion resistance and stability.


Orion 5000



Sirius 300



Sirius 500


Genoa Sheets:


Low-stretch and precision control are more important for a jib or genoa sheet. For a sheet up to 6mm, FSE recommend their SK78 cored Dinghy Control line. Their polyester-core alternative, the Orion 500 - which is available in larger sizes - has excellent handling and comes in a multitude of colour options.



Dinghy Control is once again the FSE recommendation with its SK78 core and a wide range of colours. For extra handling, control and abrasion resistance, the Coppa 5000 provides a premium solution.




FSE Robline have many other options available for specific applications but if you are just starting out and looking for an initial guide, a good rule of thumb would be the following:

  • For general dinghy applications: Dinghy Control for critical control lines plus Orion 500 for sheets.
  • For a higher performance solution: a combination of Dinghy Control, Coppa 5000 and Ocean 3000 XG would give you everything you need.


If you have any questions about Robline ropes, please feel free to email us at, or click the link below to see our full range:

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