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We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

Measuring a Torsional Cable: Tackle Luff Length Troubles


Torsional Cable Luff Length CC Doyle Oleu Sailmakers

Image Credit: Doyle Oleu Sailmakers

Previously on the upffront.com blog, we looked at how to measure a new torsional cable for your boat, and emphasised the importance of an accurate measurement to ensure a correct cable specification for your new code zero or downwind asymmetric.

nke Marine Electronics – Do I need the Man Overboard (M.O.B.) Module?


nke Marine Electronics Man Overboard Class 40

As the trend for performance enhancing marine electronics continues to grow, here at upffront.com we have decided to make things simple for our customers: we’ve crafted six, turn-key, nke autopilot and navigation packages, which are suitable for both racers and cruisers of all levels (including grand prix!).

What Information is Required to Specify the Correct Genoa Furling System?

Facnor Flatdeck Genoa Furling System
So, you’re in the market for a new genoa reefing system… either your existing furling unit is extremely old - and spare parts aren’t available anymore - or you’re choosing to switch from a forestay with hanks for more comfortable cruising.

Electric Bowsprit Furler - Brand-New from Bamar

 Bamar BWSE Bowsprit Electric FurlerWhilst performance enhancing marine electronics - such as nke - continue to thrive in popularity, more and more people are also choosing to turn their heads towards the automatisation of various sailing systems.

Furling Drum Locks - to lock, or not to lock?

Facnor Furling Drum Lock

There is somewhat of a debate over the use of drum locks on a continuous line furling drum.

As it says on the tin, a drum lock is designed to lock a continuous line furling drum in place, in order to prevent accidental unfurling – which can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

Dyneema® Braided Cover: The Latest Addition to Your Tool Kit

Dyneema Cover
Dyneema® is the strongest fibre in the world. 10 times stronger than steel, and 7 to 10 times lighter than a steel wire of equivalent size, Dyneema® is one of the most durable and sought-after materials on the sailing market.

Lash Thimbles – What are they, and how do I use them?

Rope Thimble CC Kohlhoff
Lash thimble, ferrule, rope thimble, bobbin or low friction ring…
Whatever you call them, there’s no denying they are the perfect (low cost!) solution for a multitude of applications.

nke Marine Electronics – Do I really need Wi-Fi?


nke Marine Electronics Sodebo

More sailors are jumping onboard with performance enhancing marine electronics than ever before, and we’ve had an influx of enquiries since adding nke Marine Electronics to upffront.com.

How do I rig the bobstay on my Trogear bowsprit?


Trogear Bowsprit Bobstay Rigging

The popularity of flying a code zero or asymmetric sail increased tenfold in 2018, with the trend set to soar in 2019 as more and more sailors take advantage of these high performance sails.

Millionaires Tape’ – What is it?!


PROtect Tapes 'Mask' 'Millionaires Tape'

PROtect Tapes produce a broad range of protective tapes for racing, cruising and super yachts, and have been providing effective solutions for chafing, abrasion and wear since 2008.