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We are constantly reporting on the latest innovations in the marine industry which offer weight savings whilst, at the same time, increasing safety factors. The result: lighter, faster, safer and more exciting sailing.

Guest Blog - Main Halyard Locks

Karver Reef Hook 

By: Nick Black/Andy Rice

The final in our series on lock systems for sailing yachts, Andy Rice talks to Nick Black - from Rigging Projects - about mainsail locks.

A Guide to Mooring Lines

Robline Mooring Line

Image Credit: FSE Robline


What is a mooring line?

Arguably, one of the most important pieces of kit onboard your boat is a mooring line; it’s all well and good having a great boat, but if you can’t safely secure it at the quay, harbour or pier then you’re in real trouble. 

Transform Your Sailing with the Velocitek Speedpuck Speedometer

Velocitek Speedpuck Speedometer

Image Credit: Velocitek and Paul Todd/OUTSIDEIMAGES.COM

Located on the North shore of Hawaiian island Maui, Velocitek are a marine electronics firm who are – amongst other things - passionate about spending time on the water. When they’re not busy sailing or surfing – or fighting for the protection of our lakes and oceans - Velocitek work hard to design beautifully simple, intuitive and elegant marine electronics with top flight functionality, helping sailors of all levels to enjoy peak performance on the water.

Cousin Trestec Constrictor – A Textile Rope Clutch!?

Cousin Constrictor Textile Rope Clutch

At some point in our lives, we have all experienced the vice-like grip of the 'Chinese finger trap'; when pulled, the cylindrical, woven braid is designed to contract and constrain the finger. It is this mechanism that forms the simple premise behind French brand Cousin Trestec’s rope ‘constrictor’.

Soft Padeyes – Light, Strong and Versatile

Soft Padeye with Deck Bushing

Several types of soft padeyes are now available on the market and are proving increasingly popular over traditional stainless steel padeyes. They all capitalise on the incredible strength to weight ratio and abrasion resistance of Dyneema® which offers a reliable, robust, flexible and safe termination.

Reducing Weight Aloft with Composite Backstays

Dyneema Twin Topmast Backstays on El Poco in Germany

Reducing weight aloft is one of the most cost effective ways of increasing your boat speed and performance: every kilogram you take out of the rig is roughly equivalent to 4kg added to the bottom of your keel.

nke Marine Electronics: Introducing the ‘Cruise’ Instrument Package

nke Marine Electronics Multigraphic DisplayIn a previous blog post, Upffront.com introduced nke and their innovative range of marine electronics; French brand nke have been developing reliable, user-friendly, safe and high performing instrument systems dedicated to navigation for the last 30 years, providing options for racers, cruisers and single-handed sailors at all levels.

FSE Robline Rope for Sale: Dinghy Ranges


FSE Robline Rope for Sale DinghyFSE Robline has an extensive range of lines specifically developed for dinghies and small sport boats. In this post, we discuss the different types of FSE dinghy lines and their recommended applications.

Guest Post - Furling Halyard Locks

KFH1_NEW-800x800 (Image: Karver KFH1)

By: Nick Black / Andy Rice                                                               

Most modern boats today have a form of top-down furling. If you don’t already use this method of sail handling, it’s worth considering a retrofit. Compared with hoisting and dropping spinnakers and gennakers in the conventional way, and all the potential for mistakes that go with that, top-down furling is a much more user-friendly and less risky way of handling big downwind sails.

Brand New Bamar Furling

Bamar Furling RLG EVO

If you’re a regular visitor to Upffront.com, you will have noticed two new impressive additions to our website: the Bamar RLG EVO Gennaker Furling and the Bamar GFM Manual Foresail Furling systems. Although a mere drop in the ocean of Bamar’s extensive furling range, Upffront.com are thrilled to launch our Bamar collection with these two well-engineered product ranges.